Friday, November 23, 2007

You, Me, Creeps, & Weirdos

I used to have a problem…

You may sit there if you know me very well and say…Used to? Pretty sure you have a problem…actually many problems NOW!?!?!

To those of you who would say that…I say…


In love of course.

I used to, and to some degree still do struggle, with low self-esteem. I am a far cry from who I used to be, but the video on here used to be my favorite song because I always felt that it depicted me…it is still such an amazing song.


Now I am not bashing this song in any way, I actually still think this song is one of my top 5 favorite songs…so descriptive and yet simple…wonderful.

I was sitting and sifting through some of the songs I used to listen to avidly and this was one of them, as was listening I pulled up the lyrics. You know as much as I felt I fit in with the lyrics before… and can still relate to them, I realized something…

While I still feel like a “creep”…

I am special.

I am not going all froo-froo on you, and to the outside world I may not be very special at all…but I don’t have a longing to feel special because I feel like I already am (some would argue that I am special in more ways than one). Not only do I have a great family surrounding me, I have friends, I have people who don’t know me all that well that would go to bat for me if I needed them to and of course to top it all off…

I have my Creator.

The song poses the question, “What the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here!” I guess I know what I am doing here…and I do belong here…even when I don’t want to be here, I know why I am here. I may not want to do what I am supposed to do, but I know what I am supposed to be doing.

I DO belong HERE!

I don’t want to go on and on…but just realize something…

We may be creeps…we may be weirdos…but we are accepted.

Maybe not by the people we come across everyday…but we are accepted…and if you call yourself a “Christian” and you can’t accept a “Creep” or a “Weirdo” … I pity you, because you are missing out on some of the most fantastic people God has ever made, and I am sure that you will find that out soon enough, don’t forget the whole He died for ALL…you, me, creeps, and weirdo’s.

Blah, blah, blah…

So accepted is the “creep” simpleMan.

P.S. So are you, my “creepy” “weirdo” friends!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving...Or Not.

I hope anyone who reads or follows these blogs doesn’t look to me as a person that has any wisdom.

I know what you’re thinking, don’t sweat it simpleMan…never crossed my mind.

That is comforting…

You know, Thanksgiving is just about my favorite holiday, I love what it is, what it stands for and I even love the way it is celebrated. You usually sit around a table with family and/or friends and eat, share stories, catch up, B.S., or whatever…the point is you spend time with each other not in front of the tube…but actually talking face to face with each other…maybe for the first time since last Thanksgiving.

I could argue the points about the other holidays being better or worse…but I am not going to…I would rather focus on all that we have…and how very thankful we should be. We who may be reading this very blog must have a computer or access to one, have access to an internet service, more than likely meaning we have access to a phone, and if we are in a place that has access to a phone more than likely there is access to other “essentials” such as running water, even running hot water. We also have a roof over our head since I know very few (I honestly couldn’t name one) who have access to a computer and do not have a roof over their heads. I could go on and on about so many things…cars for example.

We have so much, and yet we feel as if we should be entitled to so much more because we may know a handful of people that have more stinking wealth than we do and if I am being honest…well…I think you get the point.

And sadly…

I am guilty.

I love football, and I even look forward to the games on Thanksgiving…but it is so much more than that…I mean we have football on Sundays for approximately half the year (including pre-season and playoffs) why does football come to our minds to be synonymous with Thanksgiving? We have food everyday (I go back to my rant about all that we have) why is that synonymous with Thanksgiving? Sure turkey is mostly holiday specific with Thanksgiving and oh yeah...the parade…but I certainly hope to GOD it is about more than a blasted turkey or a hot air induced parade.

What have we done to this beautiful holiday here in America? Have we become such pathetic, sense of entitled people that we have somehow felt we have nothing to be thankful for? We have approximately the same amount of celebration and maybe more for a Hallmark induced holiday such as Sweetest Day (Wasn’t valentine’s enough for Pete’s sake…o wait…money…DUH!) as we do for a holiday that could actually stand for something.

Maybe it all comes down to Thanksgiving Day just not being marketable enough for those who want our money, maybe doesn’t get the ratings for the media, maybe “thanks” just isn’t a part of our culture.

This has nothing with religion …I just think it would be nice if every once in a while people would get outside of themselves and be thankful for something once in a while…including myself.

It would be even nicer…if more than just a handful actually cared or were actually thankful, I know some are out there…but I feel as if they are on the endangered species list.

Thank you for reading…

Or not…

You know…whatever.

So grumbles a simpleMan.

P.S. I honestly do hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving…really!