Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two Blue Eyes & Daddy Cries

Many of you know that I have a beautiful little daughter named Arianna.  Some of you followed what transpired with her after she was born.  Some may not, and some may remember but have forgotten.  Today I want to talk a little bit about healing, in general, but I think it would be a poor discussion without bringing up this personal story.  

Arianna was born on January twelfth of 2010.  It was the climax of some of my greatest fears being met, becoming a father.  I never thought I would be able to handle the responsibility of being a father.  I had, and still have, baggage.  Arianna came and a wave of unexpected emotion came over me.  I can’t explain it, but for those of you who have children…you get it.  If you haven’t, it is going to be such an amazing experience. 

A lot of the normal things went along with her birth, well, normal for the doctors and nurses but all new to Denise and me.  We got some great time to cuddle with the new little “Peanut” and rest up a bit.  We learned some of the new things parents need to know.  I slept there at the hospital because I didn’t want to miss a thing.  I wanted to take it in.  This doesn’t happen every day.  A pediatrician came in to do the basic checkup, a normal thing, and said she looked healthy.  He was concerned about one of her eyes though.  He suggested that we take Arianna to an eye specialist.  Denise set up the appointment to happen on our way home.

No one expected anything more than a quick checkup.

When we got there with Arianna, we did the normal wait.  The doctor came in, took a look at her eye and did a few more tests and told us that he couldn’t see into her eye, so there was no way she could see out of the eye.  Told us to come back the next day, if nothing changed he would send us to the Cleveland Clinic for further testing.  

She was blind in her left eye.

We hadn’t even gotten her home yet.

I went numb.

We got home and put everything in its place.  Arianna went down for a nap.  I went downstairs and began to pray.  When I say pray, I mean inciting an argument with God.  My attitude in the prayer went from how could You to more of a pleading to more of an understanding that God would glorify Himself in this somehow and I needed to stop being the protector and let Him be God.  

We went to the doctor the next day, she was still blind.  We went to the Cleveland Clinic and they did tests that you never want to see your three day old child go through.  Arianna was amazing, barely crying and recovering quickly when she did.  They confirmed she was blind and believed that she had a disease called Coats Disease.  She would always be blind in her left eye, there wasn’t much hope.

What was happening was that the capillaries in Arianna’s eye were dumping blood into her eye and it was slowly lifting the lens away from her pupil.  She had one blue eye (right) and one brown eye (left), the brown eye was due to the blood in her eye.

We had a few more visits and the best report we received was that Arianna may gain up to 10% sight at best.  Many prayers were lifted up from several churches and friends.  My parents came up for a visit, and we had a doctor’s appointment at the same time.

I am not ashamed to tell you, as I am typing this I am sitting here in tears…still.

We prayed, and honestly, I expected different news this time.  I knew something was going to happen, I sensed it.  My mom and dad sensed it as well.  When we started the trip up to Cleveland, Arianna still had one brown eye.  When we got to the office, it looked kind of grayish blue.  The doctor came in, actually he sent in his assistant to check everything out.  I assume he thought it would be pretty routine.  The assistant came in, looked at Arianna’s eye, looked at the chart, her eye, the chart, her eye, the chart, and her eye again and said, let me go and get the doctor so he can check everything out.  I began to have a feeling wash over me that I, again, can’t explain.  I knew something was up.

My mother was sitting out in the waiting room near where the doctor was sitting and heard his assistant come out and say, “You need to come in here.”  The doctor and assistant went back and forth and finally the doctor came into the exam room and smiled and made small talk.  He then took the instruments and began looking at her eye.  He went back and forth doing a thorough scan of Arianna’s eye.  He then stood up straight and said, “This looks like a completely different eye.”  I began to tear up.  

I am emotional…sue me.

He went on to say everything wasn’t perfect yet, but there was no reason to believe she wouldn’t have normal eyesight.  I cannot express my feelings.  I cannot communicate the joy. I cannot celebrate the victory enough.
We had another visit a few weeks later and the doctor came in and asked how the “Miracle girl” was doing. 

Her eyes are both blue, she has normal sight, the doctor said he believed it was a miracle and in his professional opinion she was healed.  I plan to use this story to glorify God the rest of my life.

I know that healing doesn’t always happen, I understand that.  I have had ailments, I have had a bad knee, and I have lost friends to diseases.  I also know that God can heal, that He has a plan, and if Arianna was blind in one eye her whole life that would be because it brought Him the most glory.  Her eye is healed, so I believe that He will use that to bring Him the greatest glory.  

We will all suffer from time to time, the suffering may even end our life, but can we be ok with that and bring God glory no matter what?  There is no formula to healing, no way to try to get your request met in a more effective way.  Just trust that God’s ways are much, much, much higher than ours.  It may not make sense to us, but He has a plan.  

I am just…so thankful.  To be a father, for Arianna to be able to see, for the future, for my wife, for a new itty bitty on the way, for a life that is richly blessed and yet not without struggles that drive me to my knees so that I remain close to Him.

Monday, May 23, 2011


God has seen me through a lot of different battles in my life.  He alone has gotten me through them, and I cannot say that there have been too many instances where I have felt overwhelmed.  He has given me strength to face a lot of battles, provided ways for me to avoid many unnecessary confrontations, and grown me to be more of a person that can handle what is thrown my direction in a healthy fashion. 

However, I remember a time that still seems to be marked a dark day in my heart.  Many of the battles I have faced I have seen much good come from.  They have caused me to grow and see a different perspective. 

This battle, even though I have healed from it, caused me a lot of hurt.  

I was at the first place I was called to minister.  I was often given opportunity to teach.  There wasn’t much guidance, but there was opportunity to do what I enjoyed and felt called to do.  One Sunday evening, I was given one of these opportunities and began my sermon.  The basic theme of the message was, “How often do we weep for those who do not know Christ, whether they be friend, family, or a stranger?”  it wasn’t anything flashy, my delivery showed my inexperience, but the basis of the message was biblical and honest.
Part of the way through the sermon, one of the elders got up and left.  I didn’t think much of it; maybe he had somewhere to be.  After the service ended, nothing much was said and I went about my normal Sunday evening activities and went to meet some friends.  I went home and called the pastor, just to touch base with him and ask for some pointers on things I could do better.  The conversation began poorly as he told me several families in the church wanted to leave because, not only did they not enjoy my sermon, but they felt I was “preaching their guts out.”  I still am not sure exactly what was meant by that, but the idea that I got was that I was being too harsh with them.  

Who was I to question their prayers?

I was told there would be an emergency elders meeting the next day to which I should attend. 
That was a bad night.  I was still young, I had just started in what I had felt my calling was.  How wrong was I?  I began to weep.  The apartment I lived in had no windows in the bedroom, it was pitch black.  I stayed in that room crying, praying, wondering, wandering, miserable, and overcome.

I woke up the next day after a very short night, still miserable and realizing I still had to wait till the evening for the meeting to take place.  It was a terrible day.  Finally, I walked into the room and sat down at the table.  It began much like I expected.  I was threatened, berated, and told that I was very lucky that I was given this opportunity and they still weren’t sure if they wanted to keep me on staff.  

Then something happened.

One elder, one, said, “Hold on.  Adam, do you believe what you said in your sermon was true?”


He added, “Is what you said in your sermon based on Scripture, Scripture that can be proven to back what you said?”

“It doesn’t specifically say to weep, per se, but we are to pray for those who do not know Christ, yes.”

“Is that the message God gave you?  You heard from Him and this is how He guided you?”


“Then guys, I am not sure what the problem is.  I don’t see anything that happened here that gives us cause to be angry.  I heard nothing in his sermon that gives us cause to terminate his employment or reprimand him.”

The whole mood took a might swing.  There was no response.  After a long time of venting, with a short conversation the whole conversation turned.  I was so thankful, and still am, for that man.

There were still some issues and heart matters that needed to be addressed and I did end up moving on shortly after that meeting, but I was justified.  It wasn’t about me being right and them wrong, it was about me being right in hearing God’s voice in the way He called me.  I was called.

We will face many varying trials in life.  Some minor, some major, some that are off the charts, but God is faithful.  We are not overcome.  We may want to hide in the dark bedrooms and not come out to face the reality, but no matter the reality, He has overcome and we are His children and because we are…

…we are overcomers…

We are the head and not the tail, we are His heirs, we are a part of His family, we are His children, we are His handiwork, and yes we do have an enemy who wants to destroy us, but our Father is much greater than that enemy and He will not let us be overcome by that enemy because our Father has already defeated that enemy and so our enemy no longer has a hold on us.  Be of good courage, be of good faith, we have been redeemed, we have been freed, we have been empowered!  

I don’t know what you may be facing, but there is never a time where there is no hope.  

“Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good!”  Romans 12:21

Saturday, May 21, 2011


With some of the recent reports I have been reading and hearing about, it sounds like we may be going home tomorrow.  This would be one of the times I am fine with being humbled and would love to see it be the truth.  However, I think there are some things that we can look at for a deeper understanding.

As I read and see the media surrounding all of this, it reminds me of a child trying to play a guessing game with an adult.  Maybe it is a Christmas present, maybe it is how many gumballs are in a jar, and maybe it is how old grandpa is.  You hear the guesses continuing to be fired out there when really the child has no idea what the truth is.  Does the child ever get lucky?  Absolutely.  

It also reminds me of the scene in Braveheart when the William Wallace and the Scots are facing heavy cavalry.  “No one can defeat them.”  William Wallace keeps telling the men to “hold” as the horses gallop ever closer.  His men wait, and wait, want wait getting nervous and frantic, but knowing the repercussion of raising the secret weapon (giant spears).  They would lose the element of surprise, they may lose the battle, and they may lose their life.  When William told them to hold, despite their fears, they knew it was for the best.  

At just the right time, Wallace screams, “NOW!”  the Spears raise, the cavalry charge right into them and the Scots won a victory that no one thought they could.  




No, that wasn’t my nick name in high school.  Harpadazo (Greek) means caught up, or to snatch away, in a sense of suddenness.  Those spears were “harpodazo”ed up, the one who controlled them heard the command and caught them up from the ground, they snatched them away from the ground with a sense of suddenness.  The Scots surrounding Wallace were jittery, nervous, itching with anticipation as to when the time would come.  They couldn’t predict it, you could see it in their faces that if they had tried to predict it, they would have predicted sooner than he was ready.  

So what happens when we pick up the spear a little too early?  I mean, in the spiritual sense, the enemy knows his time is coming.  It isn’t like pricking up the proverbial spears early will ruin the element of surprise and we will suddenly lose the battle.  

Does it?

The fight we are looking to win is the battle for human souls.  So if we make a big deal about predicting the end of times from a “Biblical” standpoint, when the Bible clearly says no one can predict it, we run the risk of a lot of things happening that can cause damage to this battle we are fighting.  

Think about some of the reports you have heard, are there many of them that do not in some way make foolishness the Message of the cross?  Even if the reports do not play it off as a joke, what happens if and when, the date comes and goes?  Again, the Word of God is saddled with yet another fallacy that man has burdened it with.  

The entertainment gospel infuriates me.

It belittles the truth of God, makes it look like some hokey religion, devalues the power of an almighty God; makes the Spirit out to be some healer for hire, and the Father to be some jolly ol’ soul sitting in heaven. 
Because of all of this, it pushes the souls of mankind further away from God.

I agree, it is their choice, I get that.

However, since we know the gravity of the decision how about we don’t make the choice of following God look like a circus.

Let’s point other in the direction of a powerful, loving, merciful, gracious, always true, never failing God.  We, His people, will make mistakes.  I pray we will be humble enough to admit when we are wrong, and not just slink off into a corner and hide in shame.  

I have made my point, but this is a topic I could ramble on about for some time.  

The world is looking and waiting to see the truth, they want the truth, but as soon as they smell a lie they jump on it.  How else do you think an AM radio show gets so much publicity?  

Let me reiterate…I would love to be wrong on this and go home today.  However, if I don't harpadazo with you today...maybe tomorrow?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Confirmed Reservations

I travel from time to time and often with a group, in which, I am the leader and am therefore in charge of making reservations at hotels, conferences, auto rental establishments, and things of that nature.  Not many things incite more of a feeling of chaos as arriving at your planned destination only to find out the reservations that you planned out are not there, or have been mistakenly placed for the wrong date.  In fact, it is such a terrible feeling that I do just about all I can to make sure it doesn’t happen.  I make an extra phone call, shoot out an extra email, text, whatever I can to communicate and make sure everything is set, even though often unnecessary.

Even though this is done, occasionally, there is still a mix up.  

I also never win contests, at least it seems that way.  I have won a time or two in various things, like a coloring contest when I was about four.  It is hard to believe when it does happen.  Recently I saw on facebook that a facebook friend of mine, Logan Martin, would be in our area of the state and would go to whichever the first church that had a pastor email them. Let me give you a little bit of background, Logan is a musician that is a very talented worship leader, song writer, and all around great guy.  I heard Logan for the first time at the LIFE conference in which he led about five thousand people in worship. So, I saw the post, and randomly emailed him, almost talking myself out of it...

but I decided to try.

Shortly thereafter, I received an email back saying I was the first and Logan Martin was coming to our church for a Sunday.  

I was in disbelief for about a day.

It is strange that we often get so used to losing that we, at times, stop even trying to win.  

I wonder in what ways we could win if we decided to try?

A neat thing that happens, in the spiritual sense, is that when we believe in Jesus and the work He did here we have reservations to “win” spiritually.  We don’t deserve it, we can’t make it happen without Christ, but we win.  Just by believing in Him and letting Him guide us along the path He has for us.  There is another big scary word in the Christian faith, justification.  Some say justification means, “Just as if I’d never sinned.”  It kind of is, and yet it is so much more than that.  

Justification is basically when God declares us to be in right standing with Him.  It is a legal term meaning “declared righteous.”  Basically, it would be similar if you were in court, you were guilty, someone (Christ) stepped up and said He would take the blame, and so you were now not guilty and free from the results or consequences of your crimes.  

That is marvelous.

That is the biggest win ever.  Because of Christ doing this work, we have reservations to this undeserved relationship with God, an undeserved eternity, a life with His leading us by being connected to His Spirit so He can guide and direct us along the journey.  We win; we are undeservedly put into right standing with God, and have reservations that will be kept to continue on with Him.  

Justified, to be declared righteous, to have a kept reservation, to receive an undeserved win, it seems overwhelming.

We can see this in the eternal sense, but what would it look like to live out a daily justification?  What if each day we began striving to live a life that realized in a greater way that we are free(because of Him), we have won and can win in various areas of our life because we do not need to be slaves because He has set us free.  He has paid the “Atonement”, we have not only an eternal reservation, but also a daily reservation to speak with Him and spend time with Him and to hear what He has to say.  This reservation is not for some hotel, car rental place, or conference.  It is with the almighty God of the universe.  

It is absolutely underserved.

Imagine, a daily life growing in this realization, this revelation, this truth.  Would our lives look different?  If they would look different, why?  Can we live in this victory?  I, so easily, get stuck in the mode of just going along for the ride without looking deeply to see if, maybe by chance, God wants to change me for the better in a daily manner.

Justification happens at the point of salvation, but it continues in the midst of our continual process of being set apart for His work (sanctification).  It is a large part of the journey in which we continually come to realize the work that He has done in our life, is continuing to do in our life, and will continue to do in our life in the future, and for eternity.  Living a life where we fully experience being justified is a goal we should shoot for every day.  We may be believers, but we experience our salvation in a greater way every day, it is similar with justification.

May we all understand what it means to be justified in a greater way today.  May we realize the we have been set free as innocent by Christ’s work.  May we walk in that knowledge and continue to grow in that realization, and because of that, grow in our freedom that Christ has bought for us.  

Christ, thank you for confirming our reservations to the heart of God.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Drafting the Divine

 Have you ever known someone that was hard to explain?  Maybe they are a brunette, with brown eyes, average length hair, average height, not too skinny, but not fat at all?  That kind of described half the world.  That isn’t to knock those who have those attributes, I mean I married someone that fits that description, and I am quite fond and in love with her.  The point is, how do you explain someone beyond just the surface features to another person so that they may better understand them, know who you are talking about, and be able to communicate better about that person to another person.

I mean, why do you try to explain a person’s features to someone else anyway?

Isn’t it to tell them a story about the person you are trying to describe?

So what happens when you can’t communicate and make the connection through your explanation?  

Usually the story stops before it even starts because there is no use telling a story about a person when the person you are communicating it to has no clue who you are talking about.  Maybe you try to go ahead and tell the story, but that usually ends up in a “well, I guess you had to be there” type of feeling.

They haven’t experienced who it is that you are talking about, and you feel a bit powerless to make that connection for them.  They haven’t experienced the person, or haven’t experienced them in the same way you have and so communication is lost.  We either need to find a different way to describe our friend, or find a way to introduce the two friends more effectively.  

We have to look for distinguishing features.  

For me, I have red hair, blue eyes, and freckles, stand about 6’2” and work out.  Usually if someone meets me, I am not easily forgotten.  My features are fairly stand out features.  This was never more apparent than when I walked down the streets of Spain and then a few years later, China.  I was a pale giant.  I was easy for them to describe to each other.  

The good news for those of us who are believers is that we have a God that has more than just stand out featuresWhile they may not be easy to fully explain God (especially since He calls Himself “I Am” when someone asks “Who are You?), there are feature that set Him apart and make Him much easier to explain and understand.  This is true, only if we know Him in a deep passionate way.  If we search through the myriad of countless depths of who God is we find a deeper understanding of who He is and His characteristics and features.  When we try to explain Him to a friend it becomes a little easier.  I am not saying it will be all unicorns and rainbows in those conversations with our friends, but we will have far less of those, “I guess you had to be there” conversations.

I have touched on a few of those characteristics in some previous posts but would just like to touch on a few here, and then a several more in “A Deeper Look.”  

The first one I would like to look at here is in Deuteronomy 32:4,
He is the Rock, his works are perfect,
   and all his ways are just.
A faithful God who does no wrong,
   upright and just is He.

This Scripture talks about God being a Rock and faithful.  I have recently mentioned what faithful is in a blog (A Routine Faithfulness).  To give you a brief description, God is there to establish us, to stand us up, to make our footing firm.  Then if we look at Him as a rock, He is unmovable, solid, and just strong.  Those are very basic explanations, but if you were someone’s friend and they said you were a rock (not dumb as a box of rocks), solid, they do everything they can to establish or build me up, that is something that would be humbling.  If it were true, you would easily be described as a good friend.  Now imagine the God of the universe being what was described to each and every one of us.  He is a good God.  He is worth getting to know.  

Just one more before “A Deeper Look.” 

 Have you ever had a friend that when they walk into the room they just brighten any situation?  The party doesn’t start till they get there, so to speak.  In I John 1:5 it says "God is light", now it is more than Him just being a brightening to your day, but that is a start to the thought of this.  It also goes on to say there is no darkness in Him at all.  He never looks to tear you down, never looks to do you harm, never seeks to do anything to you except do what is best.  All of this included changing us for the better and showing us a plan that will bring us a better, more full life.  There are no draw backs.  I won’t go on to say everything will work out how we think is best, but that is why He is so good.  He shines the light on the things that hinder us, hurt us, or aren’t the best for us.  He has a greater perspective than we do, and in the midst of holding all things in place, still makes time to lead us through the maze of this life from His high perspective. 
These are just a few of his characteristics, and just scratching the surface of those characteristics.  The whole goal is to know Him, His characteristics, who He is in such a way that we can explain Him to our other friends so that when we tell them His story they will understand who we are talking about.  We want to avoid those, “I guess you had to be there” experiences and help them experience Him through our experiences of Him.

Can we draw a picture of who God is to those who have never really seen Him?

A Deeper Look @ the Person of God.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Have you ever had to make a decision where a part of you wanted to do one thing, but another part of you wanted to do another?

It may have been deciding if you want to change places of employment, whether or not to choose one job over another.  Maybe to move, buy a car, a house, or any other place we can make decisions.  It can be as small as if you want to stay in bed for an extra 5-10 minutes or get a good, early start on the day.  Maybe what you decide to eat for dinner, pizza or salad? 
Sometimes we choose the pizza because it sounds good, sometimes we pick the salad because it is better for us. 

What are these parts of us that fight against each other?

Is it our spirit fighting against our flesh?  Where does our soul come into play (our consciousness)?  

The Scriptures tell us of the fight between flesh and spirit throughout, but speaks of the war between the two in Galatians 5.  Our soul is our consciousness.  So in effect, there are three parts to us.  We, as humans are three parts that are no separate, these three parts work independently and yet are one and rely on each other.  The three parts are one, and yet the one has three parts.

That sounds a lot like the mysterious trinity, the belief that God is three in one.  

There are not three gods, there is one God.  There are three parts to God, and isn’t it amazing that we are made in His image?  

The trinity has been a point of contention for many centuries.  It is baffling, confounding, and just downright confusing.  Yet in the midst of this perplexing reality, there is some simplicity.  We are made in His image.  While we can never fully understand the fullness of how God operates in the trinity, we can get a small window into this truth by looking at we who are His creation.  

After all, how much of God can we really fully explain?  He does so many things that are beyond our rationality.  We cannot understand the fullness of His love, mercy, grace, faithfulness, among other things.  We can gain a great understanding of His love, grace, mercy, and faithfulness by His revelation and by letting His Spirit work in our lives.  When it comes to the trinity, why do we feel like we must have a complete breakdown, analysis, and explanation?  Isn’t he God?  

I know that I do not have a complete understanding of how the trinity works exactly, but my simple idea fits the truths I have read in the Bible.  That is the most important criteria.  

Basically, I look like my Father.  I am three in one just as He is.  I have my body, spirit, and soul.  He has His body (Jesus), spirit (Holy Spirit), and soul (Father).  We know the trinity to be true because it was visible at Christ’s baptism.  We can’t fully understand all the nuances and details, but we can trust it to be true and can rely on God to reveal all that we need in His time.  

Until then, I am completely satisfied with the knowledge that I am put together like my Father, my Creator, and the One who loves me unconditionally.

Monday, May 16, 2011

You Know...

Yesterday I sat in the service at church and there was a time of prayer when we gathered with those closest to us and began to pray for the missionaries we are associated with.  A couple, who are members of our church, were sitting behind me and I couldn’t help but overhear their prayers because of the proximity in which we sat.  As the husband was praying a beautiful prayer, he uttered a line that I have said hundreds of times and I have heard others say as well.  It hadn’t hit me the same way it did as when I heard him say it.  He was praying about a missionary friend overseas who could not relay the situation but asked for prayer from our church because of various situations that had arisen and she felt a great spiritual struggle going on.  So my friend prayed, “I don’t know the situation…but You do.”

I don’t know the situation…but You do…

I don’t know their names…but You do…

I don’t know exactly what is going on…but You do…

They haven’t shared what is going on in their hearts, so I don’t know…but You do…

I can tell something is wrong, and I don’t know what they’re going through…but You do…

My friend prayed this with confidence, he felt assured that the situation would be taken care of even though he didn’t know at all what it was about.  Why?

Because He knows.

He knows.

He does?

This is one of those subjects that I know that I know, but I do not know that I realize it.  I don’t understand the magnitude of it.  I pray that phrase even, but do I believe it?  He is all knowing?  

I often teach that faith is not like math.  It isn’t a subject that you understand and can process the formula and you have a complete understanding of it.  Faith is organic and must flex and grow (not necessarily compromise) and must become real.  I wonder if an all knowing God had become more like math to me than a reality of faith.  

Imagine that.  Go ahead take a second, think about it.

I know the struggles I have faced in my life.  The times I have cried out to God, knowing He understood MY issue and was my only source of help.  I knew that because I am a Christian, I believe in Him, He hears me…but He knows all…even those who do not believe.  

He knows their struggles.

All of them.

The world is rapidly approaching seven billion people.  The statistic is somewhere around fifty thousand people die each day from the result of poverty.  There is much pain, hurt, despair, and depravity in this world, and He knows.  

Some may say that is kind of dark, because He knows and some believe He does nothing.  He has done much (see Inequitable Compensation).  We, who are His believers, are to be His “doing” (see James 1:21-27).  If we look at the end of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and the first few chapters of Acts, we can see that his plan was for us to US to go and spread the word to the entire world.  Because He knows, do we see why He is so imperative in His command and it was more than just a mere suggestion?  We must spread the Word!


He knows.

So maybe we should be working on listening a bit, maybe we should strive to make it more of a priority.  Then again, maybe it is more about me doing that better.  Maybe I should get better about taking my instructions from the One who knows everything.  

The all knowing God, this is a great subject to sit and ponder…just let it sink in a bit.  If you have a couple of minutes today, get in a quiet place and just try to absorb this subject a little.  

An all knowing God, knowing the needs of the world, communicating that to the people who know Him, directing and equipping them to the needs of the world.  All this while He meets our needs in the best way, because He knows.  They may not be met the way we want them to be met, but, once again, He knows better.

It is powerful, and may just change our perspective on a few things.  

A Deeper Look @ Omniscience