Saturday, May 14, 2011

Candid Communications

Have you ever said something and someone didn’t believe you?  Maybe they had reason to not believe you.  Maybe you are a liar.  I have been on both ends of that myself.  I have been a liar and have been lied to.  What if you were the person being given information and you were to choose whether it was true or not, in your estimation?  How do you find out if the person is telling you the truth?  

Imagine if there were two people, I know, this is very difficult.  We will name them Justin and Kasey.  Justin and Kasay have a great relationship.  They communicate well, the love hanging out together and have been friends for quite some time.  Justin then begins to believe that Kasay is hiding something.  He confronts Kasay and Kasay lies.  Justin comes to find out that Kasay lied and begins to wonder what else Kasay has lied about.  Kasay admits to lying, but implores Justin that it was the only thing that she had lied about.  

Justin isn’t buying it.

Years of friendship begin to unwind.


Lack of forgiveness for one thing, another thing is because Kasay’s word carries no weight because she compromised the integrity of her words.  

If we lose our words, we risk losing everything.

As I said, I have been on both sides.  I have messed up a lot.

Imagine if you carried an important role, maybe a politician, a doctor, or so on and you lost your integrity in what you said?  Wouldn’t society rip you apart as soon as they found out that you had lied?  What if you thought it was the truth, but you spoke out of ignorance?  Would you find much mercy in society?

Honestly, the more important you are the more weight your words carry.  A president or world leader has a lot of weight, but so does a spouse, parent, or a child.  

How much weight does what God has to say carry?

At His level, is there even any room for a slip up?  

The good news is that He can’t slip up, but even if we thought He could He has it covered. 

He left us His Word, and there are arguments about how man has picked and chosen what they liked and didn’t like but even so, we have enough of what He has said to learn a lot about Him.  There are hundreds of prophecies foretold that came true, impossible things to know unless a Person existing outside of time itself could communicate to those trapped in time about the matters that were to come.  

Just as God breathed the first breath into Adam’s lungs He breathed His Word through His Spirit into those who merely held the pen with the hand He created and wrote His words down through them.  

Nothing added.  Nothing taken away. 

The impossible prophecies give the Word credibility.  If you begin to study and look for flaws, and I mean dig (don’t try to play games surface level and twist things) you find out the Bible really is a thing of beauty.  The Bible has a life of its own and it breaths the very life the Creator breathed into Adam’s flesh into our lives. 

There are no lies.  There is no place for lies.  

I don’t know what you have read in your Bible.  I can tell you that I have been on a journey through John and forced myself to slow down to take in what was going on and it changed me and my view of Christ.  I can tell you that I am engrossed in Acts right now and it confounds me and exhilarates me all at the same time.  It has turned me inside out (in a good way) and opened my eyes to many new understandings.  It is communicating to me, it is not deceiving or lying to me, and because of this communication my relationship continues to grow.  

If communication is the key to a healthy relationship, then the Bible (along with prayer and seeking the Spirit) is the key to a healthy spiritual walk with God along the journey of this life. 

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Zach Lyons said...

I actually saw this exact thing happen to one of the guys in my unit this past semester. it's always sad when people take that route, or are even so attached or just plain stupid that they can't get out of that kind of relationship when both parties aren't willing to resolve it. Appreciated this post!