Saturday, May 21, 2011


With some of the recent reports I have been reading and hearing about, it sounds like we may be going home tomorrow.  This would be one of the times I am fine with being humbled and would love to see it be the truth.  However, I think there are some things that we can look at for a deeper understanding.

As I read and see the media surrounding all of this, it reminds me of a child trying to play a guessing game with an adult.  Maybe it is a Christmas present, maybe it is how many gumballs are in a jar, and maybe it is how old grandpa is.  You hear the guesses continuing to be fired out there when really the child has no idea what the truth is.  Does the child ever get lucky?  Absolutely.  

It also reminds me of the scene in Braveheart when the William Wallace and the Scots are facing heavy cavalry.  “No one can defeat them.”  William Wallace keeps telling the men to “hold” as the horses gallop ever closer.  His men wait, and wait, want wait getting nervous and frantic, but knowing the repercussion of raising the secret weapon (giant spears).  They would lose the element of surprise, they may lose the battle, and they may lose their life.  When William told them to hold, despite their fears, they knew it was for the best.  

At just the right time, Wallace screams, “NOW!”  the Spears raise, the cavalry charge right into them and the Scots won a victory that no one thought they could.  




No, that wasn’t my nick name in high school.  Harpadazo (Greek) means caught up, or to snatch away, in a sense of suddenness.  Those spears were “harpodazo”ed up, the one who controlled them heard the command and caught them up from the ground, they snatched them away from the ground with a sense of suddenness.  The Scots surrounding Wallace were jittery, nervous, itching with anticipation as to when the time would come.  They couldn’t predict it, you could see it in their faces that if they had tried to predict it, they would have predicted sooner than he was ready.  

So what happens when we pick up the spear a little too early?  I mean, in the spiritual sense, the enemy knows his time is coming.  It isn’t like pricking up the proverbial spears early will ruin the element of surprise and we will suddenly lose the battle.  

Does it?

The fight we are looking to win is the battle for human souls.  So if we make a big deal about predicting the end of times from a “Biblical” standpoint, when the Bible clearly says no one can predict it, we run the risk of a lot of things happening that can cause damage to this battle we are fighting.  

Think about some of the reports you have heard, are there many of them that do not in some way make foolishness the Message of the cross?  Even if the reports do not play it off as a joke, what happens if and when, the date comes and goes?  Again, the Word of God is saddled with yet another fallacy that man has burdened it with.  

The entertainment gospel infuriates me.

It belittles the truth of God, makes it look like some hokey religion, devalues the power of an almighty God; makes the Spirit out to be some healer for hire, and the Father to be some jolly ol’ soul sitting in heaven. 
Because of all of this, it pushes the souls of mankind further away from God.

I agree, it is their choice, I get that.

However, since we know the gravity of the decision how about we don’t make the choice of following God look like a circus.

Let’s point other in the direction of a powerful, loving, merciful, gracious, always true, never failing God.  We, His people, will make mistakes.  I pray we will be humble enough to admit when we are wrong, and not just slink off into a corner and hide in shame.  

I have made my point, but this is a topic I could ramble on about for some time.  

The world is looking and waiting to see the truth, they want the truth, but as soon as they smell a lie they jump on it.  How else do you think an AM radio show gets so much publicity?  

Let me reiterate…I would love to be wrong on this and go home today.  However, if I don't harpadazo with you today...maybe tomorrow?

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