Monday, May 2, 2011

A Fantasized Faith?

I have imagination.  I have mentioned before how I used to really enjoy comic books, and still can occasionally enjoy them.  I love the concepts of the powers that different heroes and/or villains can have.  I think the stories that can be created with these amazing powers can be.  I enjoy thinking and reading about the emotions that come out of the situations of having the responsibility of having those powers.  I enjoy just the thought of that being reality.

But we know it isn’t.

We know it. 

It is fantasy.

I have been blessed with a great imagination.  While blessed with this imagination, it can be tricky because I know it is my imagination and not reality.  I bring this up because with a similar outlook, I read my Bible.  I see Acts 2, Hebrews 11, and a host of other passages that speak of God doing amazing things through His people.  I see God’s power flowing through people, almost as if He is the super power flowing through the ordinary person.  It is an awful lot like the superheroes of comic books.

Go ahead; tell me Samson wasn’t a lot like a superhero.  

How did many of them receive these “powers?”  God selected them, and empowered them.  They were led by the Spirit of God to do something great and powerful.  There are also villains, but that is a discussion I would love to talk about at a later time. 

There are heroes.

Real ones!

For me, this is the crux of the problem.  My ultra Pharisaic, rationale brain wrestles with the thoughts of God calling me to do something supernatural with the thoughts of this is unrealistic and cannot be what God wants.  To clarify a little, I believe something as small as a step of faith that we are called to live out despite the face value irrationality of it all is a heroic act.  It may defy the logic of normal mankind, much like a flying superhero, but in our world (that of the hero) it is normal because it is who we are.  

Superman doesn’t think it odd every time he takes flight, believer should not think it odd when something amazing happens because God has led us to do it.  

Superman isn’t afraid to use the ability that God has given him, why am I so afraid to walk in the matters that God is leading me?  Why does my “logic gland” kick in and explain away a matter of faith as if it were a comic book I was reading?  

I believe there is a matter which God has revealed to me, and has continually done so over two and a half years ago.  There are other matters that my friends and family have said they feel God has shown them about me, so they tell me.  There are so many things that I distance myself from because I am afraid of failing.  What if I have been given a power but I deny it because I am too afraid to use it?  What if that is the sickness the church suffers from?  What if we have been endued with power, and we never act on it?  What if we were a bunch of Supermen and Superwomen, but we all were afraid of what the other super people that have denied their power thought of us so we decided not to use our powers because it would be frowned upon?  What if we were afraid of what the people of our own personal “Metropolis” would think of us, so we let the evil of the “city” have its way with them?  

Maybe I am making too big of a deal about this, but I just feel like there is more.  I am not even sure what “more” of.  I just see a world full of sex trafficking of children, poverty, world-wide hunger, world –wide lack of drinking water, addiction, pornography, lack of cheap (but life saving) medicine for those too poor to afford it, and hundreds of other matters…and I see very little being done by those who have their citizenship from another place, just like Superman, and have been given power to go out and tend to the needs of this hurting world.  

I don’t have the answers, but I do want them.  I want to search and leave a legacy behind that brings glory and honor to God by helping those who cannot help themselves.

I know that God must do the empowering.  I realize that it is His power alone that works through His people to accomplish amazing things.  That is what I want in my life.  I want to break through the fear and sign my life over to be the hero He has authorized me to be.  

I may always struggle with understanding fantasy verses reality when it comes to Gods leading…but I want to be available, you know, just in case I am not fantasizing about His power in my life.  

Up, up, and away…


Zach Lyons said...

I really liked the lay-out and analogy you used here adam. A lot of great points and things to think about.

Anonymous said...

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