Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blind (pt2)

Continued from yesterday...

At this, William was floored, He just sat there bewildered for a moment, “Paul, I don’t understand.  Why would you want to remain blind?  Really, I would love to help.  It wouldn’t be putting me out or anything, please, let me help.”

Paul responded, “The offer is appreciated, but all the same, I’d rather not.”

William, now finding himself presenting his case over a matter that seemed an easy decision, he pleaded, “But Paul, you would be able to see!  You could get a job, rebuild your life.  You aren’t too old or anything.  This could change everything, I mean…everything.”

Paul, never changing in his emotion, simply looking around as if there was something he could see, gave his rebuttal.  “Well, how I think of it is…this world is so full of hurt, pain, and terrible things that I am quite happy to not take part in any of it.  I would rather just sit here and live my simple life and not get tangled up in seeing what terrible things happen in this world.  I don’t want to have to live the mundane life of work, paying bills, and getting involved in this rat race that everyone else seems to want me to believe is so great.”

William once again had the wind taken out of his sails.  He took a second to respond, but then proceeded, “Paul, I don’t know your situation, or what all you have faced in your life, but I can tell you this as I see it.  There is truth to what you are saying, but that is only part of the picture.  It would be similar to me taking you to visit an artist friend of mine and you could feel his paintings, his sculptures, and various other art pieces.  To you it may feel like rough paper, smooth clay, or various other textures.  I can see much more, feel the emotions of the artist, and enjoy it in a whole other way.  I could try to explain to you what I experience, but you could not experience it, and would not experience the art in the fullness that I would.  I believe you are experiencing life the same way, you are basing your judgment on what you know, but that is only part of it.  I want to, not just explain what I experience, I want to help you experience it.  I want that for you, sure there are bumps and trials in life, but there is beauty in living and experiencing life to the fullest.”

Paul sat there listening, appearing as if he was looking away.  William could tell that Paul was thinking, he couldn’t tell what though.  

Paul cleared his throat with a half cough, William couldn’t tell if he was choking back tears or not.

“I have had enough hurt, I don’t want no more.”

William was now hurt, what could he possibly say?

“Paul, I don’t want to be a pest, but why would you let your past hurts continue to keep you blind?”

“I just don’t want no more hurt, if I could see there would be more hurt and I am already so far behind.  How could I ever catch up?”  Paul continued to face forward.

William began to feel a coldness to his presence there.  He knew there was much more to the story.  He knew there was hurt that Paul needed healing from.  He knew that He could respond in frustration and tell Paul how foolish it was to walk away from something so valuable.  I mean, he was offering Paul a new life…for free!  However, it was evident that there was something deeper going on.  So what should he do?  Should he attempt to beat the seemingly dead horse?  

“I can never explain to you how beautiful the sunsets are, but I can help you see them if you ever change your mind Paul.  I can’t tell you that your life will not have pain, but I can help you through the struggles.  Here’s $20, I will stop by and check on you as much as I can.  If you should change your mind, just say the word because the offer still stands.”

William grabbed Paul’s hand and placed the $20 bill in it with a handshake.  Paul reciprocated the handshake and nodded.  

“Thank you, maybe I will take you up on it someday. “  Paul said, relieved that the situation seemed to have passed, and that he now had $20.

“I sincerely hope you do.” Paul responded.

They exchanged goodbyes.

To be continued….

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