Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seed Struggles (1.24.08 VIB3 iLink)

Life is a lot about investments, where you spend your time…what your priorities are.

One of the best places to spend your time is in relationships you have in life.




Whoever it may be.

How do you spend your time? How do you spend your time in relationships?

If I ask that of myself right now…I have to tell you…I am STILL struggling. The quality amount of time I spend in a relationship isn’t what I wish it was.

There is work, school, home repair, meetings, workout program and so on that keep me so busy and then when I am done with all of that I am not really in any shape to devote time to the people who deserve it.

So what kind of seed am I sowing? If my words were seeds how much impact is there really to what I am saying? I honestly believe that if you build and maintain a relationship with someone, what they say means a lot more…but if the time I spend is shoddy and thrown together…what I say won’t carry much of anything.

So how do I find that balance?

I find that question a very hard one to answer. How about you? How do you find balance? Maybe you don’t have the same schedule that I do…if not I would strongly encourage you to invest in relationships now before you do get so busy.

I am searching, because I know that with what I believe…someone’s eternity could be in the balance of my “busy-ness” and I am not really ok with that. Alas I find myself stuck in a rut.

Anyhow, I guess for all of you who do pray…would you pray that my time would free up, I do have time to do everything I NEED to do…I would just like a little more for the things that aren’t absolute…some flex time…to spend more with the people I care about.

I don’t want my “seeds” to become worthless…not able to bring forth any fruit.

So struggles the simpleMan.

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