Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Law (pt. 2)

In the last entry I began the thought of the New law that we seem to be facing in the church. That being said, it was focused mostly in the church, but what happens if there is truly a new Law and those who operate in that Law take it to the world.

I tried to make the connection between the Pharisaic mindset in the old Law and the similarities that I see in the new Law. We see, inside the church, that our focus can be off and we can make things that don’t really matter of high importance when we abide by the new Law.

How would this make a Christian, who operates under the new Law, look to the world? Would they look anything like Christ did to the world of His time? Or would we look a lot more like Pharisees?

Think of some of the things we see Christians doing out in society, granted some of these may seem extreme, but let’s just look at them for the sake of trying to see what the world may see of us…

-Protesting against the government -If we stand against our God ordained leader what does that say about our heart? We can disagree, but there are times I think if something horrible happened to our president we would see some Christians smiling with a feeling of victory. Look at how David handled himself with Saul. That my friends, at least in many cases-not all, is out right rebellion.)

-Protesting homosexuality, Abortionist, and numerous others -I don’t know how to say much about this without starting a war, but it seems amazing to me that we are so hateful and despise people we are sent to love. You don’t agree with them, ok, how does what you are doing show them in any way the love that Christ has for them? There are ways to show love, build relationships, and then let the Spirit of God do the work in their hearts.

I could go on and on, but I don’t want to belabor the point. Isn’t what matters most God and people? The new Law looks a lot more like what matters most is my agenda and the people who agree with me.

What is Christianity without love?

I don’t know that I want to know the answer to that, but I fear it is what the world is seeing and turning them away from the Truth.

I already hear the wheels turning, “what about judgment?”

I believe God is just, and He will judge, and if we truly believe that it is our job to live as much like Christ as we can so that they will face this most just, holy, and mighty God in judgment and be able to say, “ I plead the blood of Christ.” The alternative is to shove them further away from God by a poor representation and we will stand before that same just, holy, and mighty God and have to answer for our poor actions.

If you lose your love, all you've got is the law. One of the reasons that politics will never solve our problems is that policies/laws are only
really necessary when I don't love you. And we know that the law is no substitute for love. - Danny Lee Silk

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Bill Dotson said...

I came upon your post from a Google Alert I set up on the phrase "plead the blood". I do this every day for my family and believe God showed me something about this which I wrote about in my blog in 2006. You might be interested in reading it at: http://roadrevelations.org/?p=50. Be blessed!