Tuesday, November 15, 2011


What is your concept of God?  

What do you know of Him?

It is often presumed that I have some fantastic grasp on who God is.  I find the facts to be quite the contrary, especially as I read the sacred Scripture. 

I read verses that tell me to “…be holy for I (God) am holy.”  

Then I read about Isaiah that was absolutely undone in the presence of God because of the magnitude of His (God’s) holiness.

The concept of being so holy that it makes a man come undone…honestly, I don’t get it.  I want to, but I think I would be lying if I tried to describe it as though I understood it fully.

I mean, I do understand, but it may be better said that I do not understand it in an experiential way.

And I am supposed to be holy…

…I don’t think I have been taking this seriously enough.

It sounds so simple doesn’t it?  A sort of “Just do it!” 

We are called to be holy, and yet, we have no ability to do it ourselves.  He must do it through us.  So when we are called to be holy as He is, we are called to be set apart for His work, His leading, His…well…whatever He wants.  It involves believing not only that He is who He says He is, but also that He can do with us what He wishes and we should be ok with that…

…not only that…

…but we should be looking forward to it, longing for it, and hoping patiently for Him to do what He wants with us.


My humanness does not like that, my humanness fights against that.  I want to get things done and work hard to get to the place that I want to be and God can have what is left when I am done with that goal.

What if that isn’t what He wants?

What if my being holy is based on my availability to Him?

How available I am in my time, my consciousness, my focus, my desires, my hopes and dreams?

What if that amazing TV show isn’t nearly as amazing as hearing from Him?

I am growing more and more bored with the things I used to find so enamoring, I find that there is no satisfaction in them.  I find that when the day is over and I look back to see what I accomplished, I wish that I had spent more time with Him.

Is this the beginning?

Maybe this life is about more than just what we experience in the flesh…maybe it really is more about spiritual matters…

…I mean I know that…

…but I don’t act like it.

Maybe it is true; when my core longings line up with God’s calling I will experience remarkable demonstration.

My holiness or being set apart for His work is reliant on Him, it is desperate for His Spirit’s working in and through me, it is me trusting that He is worth it…all the time, in every capacity, and is the only fulfilling source in my life.

I might get an iota of this, but I want to “get it” in a deeper way.  What a wonderful journey…what a lot to think about…what a God.


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Anonymous said...

Life, and that more abundantly. It's a process, isn't it? More holistic and deeper than yesterday, and not quite as deep and holistic as tomorrow will take you. I think you're doing just fine, sir. Just fine indeed.