Monday, June 30, 2014


                It has been quite some time since I have posted on here.  I have been writing down ideas and thinking a lot about a great many things.  I received a note the yesterday as I returned home.  The note was brief but posed a thought that I found interesting.  You see, I like to discuss a lot of matters that cross my mind.  However, if I rely on only what I see, I can gather a rather tainted point of view and muddy the waters for anyone else that may read my opinion.  I say all of that to say, I am planning on going back to the source of my faith, Jesus.  

                The note was basically a friend saying they would like to see an unfiltered look at Christ.  As I pondered the note from my friend, I find that is always a healthy idea.  To re-center in the midst of the chaos of life, to refocus, remind, and reestablish where I hang my proverbial hat.  My plan is not to try to come up with something that will wow you.  I am not planning on impressing anyone.  I am planning on taking a journey and inviting you to track with me as I go on this journey.  Feedback, questions, and general comments will be welcome.  If you feel it would be helpful to others, share it. I plan for this to be a start and then to see where what I find will carry us to.  
                I don’t even know how frequently I will post.  I imagine it to be at least once a week but not limited to that.  My hope is to post as I feel led.  Sometimes brief, sometimes a little longer, sharing my point of view, and certainly some of my odd humor as well.  I will be taking approximately a week to prepare, pray, and begin processing what is before me as I would prepare if I were going on a physical journey.  If you would like to join me, I ask you to do the same.  
                God bless…I look forward to the future.

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