Saturday, January 8, 2011

Egotistical Me


It is an easy pit to fall into.

In fact, it is a trap I fall into without even realizing it often.

I love to feel like I have a deeper understanding, I love to think I am somehow accomplishing more, I love to think I figured it out.

So what if I did?

Is it somehow something that I did on my own ability?

Every bit of understanding I can somehow accumulate, every revelation, every firing of a synapses is outside of my control.  How can I take credit for something outside of my control?

I was sitting back earlier today after having a pretty productive day yesterday and thinking that I had a day where I could sit back and have a pretty easy day.  I felt so comfortable, I felt like I had done a good job, and I was a pretty darn good person.  I stopped and thought about it, and it humbled me.

Who am I to think I have the right?

What a horrible trap, what a terrible misconception, what a destructive deception.  Imagine someone having no control, no capacity to understand, no capability, and no function of themselves to do anything and they have no desire to change that and they are arrogant about how great they are.


Yet, it is something mankind seems to fall into so easily.  Think about it, how much would this have an effect on our trust, reliance, faith, desperation, dependence, and overall understanding of God?  Isn’t that what we see?  Pride is tied into so many other sins, it is the source that fuels all that separates us and leads us into deeper drifting from the God that is jealous for our time.

What has made you think that another person is arrogant?  Is it how they treat you?  Do they make you feel small and/or less than your worth?  How do they do that?  Is it because they don’t give you the time of day?  Because of that do we believe they feel they are better than us?

Do they not listen to you?  Do they not care how you feel?  Do their actions confirm that they don’t care about you?  Who are they to not care?  Do they not know how much you help them?  Maybe they wouldn’t be the person they are or hold the position they have or wouldn’t be able to do the things that they are able to do without you.

Think about that person and how they make you feel because of their arrogance.

I woke up today thinking about this, and I don’t know about you, but I wonder if I am that arrogant person toward God.  If I am, how very sick that is.  Let my pride fall down.  Search your own heart, how are we doing?  What would this do to the church worldwide if Christianity was infected with this?  How would it impact the poor, those who are in spiritual or physical bondage, those who do not know Christ, and those who are oppressed if the church was hindered with this matter?


Ezra 10:1-3

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