Monday, December 19, 2011


 (What you are about to read is a selection from a retreat I spoke at recently.  It is based on the discussion of our calling and comes from Matthew 11:1-18, Mark 1:16-20, Luke 5:1-11; 27-32, John 1:35-50.)

“When our core longing lines up with God’s calling we will see remarkable demonstration.”

                Sometimes we get off course slightly.  Sometimes we are completely off, so how do we know it is God that is calling us?  Sometimes, we just know…sometimes we need some guidance from others to help us think through all of this.  Once again, there is no exact formula. 

I often feel like God says to me in some capacity, “Follow Me” and I come back with an, “I want to…genuinely…but how?”

Here is what I have learned, and I am sure you will find it to be profound and life changing…
…ok, maybe not.

Do what you know to do out of an authentic and hungry (for what God wants for you) heart.  When you don’t know, pray…pray…and pray again, and then seek counsel with people who love and care for you and want what God wants for your life as well.  

I don’t recall a time when God said, “I would call you but you are too stupid, moron.”

And God has dealt with a lot of slow witted people.

Like this guy (me).

Stop!  Read: Matthew 16:21-28, Luke 9:46-50, Luke 22:54-62

          These are the disciples, and these are just a few of their mishaps.  These guys lived with Christ for three and a half years, and they messed up.  We have to remember that God is faithful, merciful, gracious, and loving.  The Scripture is chocked full of people who messed it up, but their heart was longing for God.

You will run into times of frustration, you will feel inept, you will feel overwhelmed…





We all do but in the messes His Spirit and grace will teach us and direct us and bring us back on the path that He wants us to be on.  That is, if our heart is where it should be.  If our heart is in the state of longing for more and wanting what He wants in our life, He will meet us there.  It may not be as frequently as we like or want, but when it does come…it is unexplainably amazing.

So here is what I want for you…Spirit, longing, hope, understanding, experience, love, being fused to God.  Our mess ups aren’t a way out, or an excuse, they are growing experiences that will press us further into our calling.  As we grow in our calling, as we grow in our ability to listen and hear God’s leading, we will become more and more in tune with His leading.  

Don’t give up!

Don’t get tired!

Keep on working!

If you falter, if you wander, if you stumble, He is able to draw you back and prepare you for His work.  This is the stipulation, while God can work through a heart that is not chasing after Him; He searches for the hearts that are hungry for what He has for them and speaks to them.  He speaks His instructions for a life that brings Him glory.  We work to provide an accepting environment in our heart to receive what He has for us.  

We serve a God who calls us relentlessly as He searches for those who will search for His leading relentlessly.

We can’t be mistake free…but can we be relentless?

Can we resolve ourselves to not give up?  To not give in to the chaos that surrounds us?

Do we believe…nothing…nothing…NOTHING is more precious than hearing from God?

Like Moses…

…like Samuel…

…like Isaiah…

…like Saul (Paul), Ananias, and the disciples?

You are called.

Do you believe that?

If not, I encourage you to just start saying to yourself, “I am called.”  Start believing.

If you do, we must understand there is nothing more important than hearing God’s voice.  We must search, we must long, we must listen.  That time with God has to be our priority.  This is the challenge before all of us.  Let this not just be a once a year retreat, but a change in lifestyle, and an opportunity for us to lean on each other as we all travel this path of living out God’s calling!

Join me in this journey, let’s see what God can do through a group of His willing children.

Right here and now!

“When our core longing lines up with God’s calling we will see remarkable demonstration.”


Kelsea said...

This post has really spoken to me. When you said, "I often feel like God says to me in some capacity, “Follow Me” and I come back with an, “I want to…genuinely…but how?”, that explains the point that I am at in life right now. This was a great encouragement to keep seeking God and spend time listening for His voice. Thank you!

Adam said...

Kelsea, Thank you. It is always my hope that somehow, some way, my wrestling will help out others in some way. Stay strong and keep moving forward!