Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Surreal Sonship

"Son-ship [suhn-ship] noun-the state, fact, or relation of being a son."

Has something you have known to be true seemed so surreal until you have experienced it? 

An example…


You have worked hard, saved up for, paid for, and set up the entire schedule and while anticipation builds, it is almost like you can’t believe you are on vacation until about the second day you are at your destination.

Yesterday (Monday, I began working on this on Tuesday), my son was born.  It wasn’t a surprise.  My wife would tell you that.  My wife’s stomach grew with each passing month.  The tests showed him growing and even showed us fuzzy little black and white photos of him during his occupancy in Denise’s stomach.   

Even still, as the day approached, it was very surreal.  Coming to the hospital, I knew why we were going, but it didn’t seem quite real.  

I imagine it felt quite real to my wife before it did to me.

Now, I am sitting in our room, looking over and I see my wife sleeping with little Isaac on her chest and he is fast asleep as well all curled up and making cute little whimpers.  

It is becoming more and more real.

I so look forward to experiencing more of this reality.  As he grows and becomes who God has designed him to be, I can’t wait to continue to experience more and more of this reality.

I know this to be true because the same has been true of my sweet daughter.

However, I can’t help but think of the things I find myself feeling surreal about God.

My son is a reality.

Is God really a reality to me?

His love?



His promises?

I could go on and on, I think we all could.  I mean, to understand the spiritual aspects of reality…often times escapes me.  I know it is there, I know because I have seen the evidence just as I saw the evidence that Isaac was coming into our world...

…yet it is surreal.

It makes me wonder if the following is true…

…until we experience the reality of God, He will continue to reside in our surrealistic subconscious.  

If it is true, how many of us have experienced God?  To some degree?  A small amount?  Consistently?  Are we searching for that experience?

Or do we just experience nothing more than a surreal “sonship?”

If we walk through this life never experiencing the proverbial “birth” (or experience) of God, have we really experienced life?

If we walk through this life sporadically experiencing our Father, have we experienced life as He designed it…or is it kind of like a self-inflicted absentee father relationship?  Broken, unfulfilling, wandering, hurting, alone, miserable, and with no end in sight, we rely on what little we know not having the valuable guide we are designed to have.

What if He, and all that He is, became a reality to us.

Realize, only He can do that.  We do the searching, and He even helps with that, He does the connecting so that we may experience Him.

The story of Isaiah’s calling (Chapter 6) comes to mind. 

 Now THAT was an experience…

…or Saul (who turned into Paul (Acts 9).  

The Bible is chocked full of stories of people who had reality changing experiences, and those experiences birthed a whole new truth in their lives.

So today, is your experience with God a surreal “sonship?”  We all battle seasons of it.  Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, start searching.  Look for that experience, if you can’t or haven’t experience Him…ask Him to help and meet you.  Just do what you know to do, however little you know, He is big enough to meet you and your longing heart.   

I am going to spend time with my very real son. 

God bless you as I hope you (and I) experience our very real God.

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