Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kudos & Futile Mutilations (Based on myspace blogging)

It's funny; I have tried to start working on this like three times now. Maybe this will work…if not I have to change three to four & try again. Kristen said a while ago, "BTW - what the heck is with this "kudos" thing? What - does everyone now require some kind of gratification for every post that we have a build in system for giving a "pat on the back"? Sad..." You know I would normally say, "I agree!" But then I started thinking…& while I do agree that it is "sad", do I really act out what I would have been saying? You know what I mean? Basically what I am saying is, Kristen is right…& I agree verbally…but sometimes, if I am being honest (shamefully so), I like the ego stroke.

So what can I do?

Well, let's think about this. Is that my motivation? You know to get my "kudos"? Sure I like kudos, (I especially liked the granola bars that were called Kudos…MAN those were good)…& sure I get that welling feeling inside when I get MY kudos (you know because I deserve them), but if that is my motivation & it is what makes me write more blogs (for example) what happens when my next two or three or twelve are flops & I get NO comments or kudos? I burn out & stop writing blogs maybe forever.


You know, I think Kristen has a point. How many people in this world base their motivations & actions on "kudos"? I have done it before, & to be honest…I have gotten to a place where kudos don't mean everything to me. Sure it is nice, & it is nice to give people their "kudos" when they do something good…I am just looking at the motivation. Why do something just because it will meet someone's approval. I was reading yesterday, & do you know in the ancient town of Philippi men were getting circumcised because they thought that gave them religious rights.

Think about that…but not for too long…

They were cutting off parts of their…OUCH…so they would be "approved" & get "kudos", they actually called these futile mutilations because it didn't get them any further in life or what they were seeking...and neither do kudos. Seems like this mindset has been around for a while. Grown men. Wow. Why is acceptance so important? Think about how our society is set up, & apparently it was set up in ancient Philippi. We are accepted into peer groups, cliques, certain schools (including pre-school), college, jobs, relationships, & now days even parental relationships in some cases, & the list could go on & on. Acceptance is important, but if you are not accepted, does that change who you are created to be?

I can honestly say, I have been rejected at every level that I mentioned. I have become more accepted as time has gone on & people have come into my path, or maybe I stumbled upon theirs, whichever. The point is acceptance (or kudos) doesn't always come as you want it, or when you want it, but it will come…if you do not have that as your priority. Because if you do have that as your priority, it will eat away at you when you don't get it & degenerate who you are designed to be. You can't base all of who you are on kudos.

Seek to give kudos; do not seek to receive kudos. Ask yourself how good you are at accepting sometimes, you may find hypocrisy. No, really, I say that because I have found some hiding there from time to time.

I really appreciate that Kristen bringing this up. She's a smart girl, & she is strong enough not to lose herself in the "kudos" of life, & it's a good thing, because she doesn't get the kudos she deserves sometimes. Thanks Kristen, Kudos to you!

Now, all of you, shower me in your kudos! If you do not, I shall no longer grace you with the wisdom of Simpleman & I will move to Philippi!

So says the Simpleman.

(Sidenote: Think about the whole basis of the movie "Accepted")

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The Thief said...

I used to have a "Xanga" blog, and there it was "e-props" and I don't know how many of those wretched blogs I read that said, "If I don't get x e-props, I'm shutting this blog down."


And then there are the "nice sermon" comments I get after a service; I would so much rather have someone debate a point or say, "You gave me something to think about" than just a "nice sermon."