Tuesday, March 6, 2007


What has happened to this year? It flies by so quickly and it seems like last year didn't even really end. Sometimes when life moves this quickly I really try to assert some kind of free time to just sit and think, "Is this what life is all about?" I mean, rushing about and trying to get "stuff" done in time…for whatever time has been set to do something. This is something I have really been wrestling with recently.

Time and priorities.


No really, I really struggle with these things. A lot of people would look at me and say my priorities are great. Who am I being compared to? The general populace? Who wants to be a general populace person? If you do please speak up. Anyone? I think we all want to be remembered for SOMETHING, even if it is just by our family members or friends. Time and priorities go hand in hand, we all have time and we all have priorities. What do we do with them?

I probably shouldn't be writing this.



I have other things I should be doing with my time, I could justify it with an excuse…but I have made it a priority to write this…and I don't even know why. Should you be doing something else? I don't know. I have things around my house that need fixed, I have homework to do, I have work to do…but you know what. You know what I have been wrestling with?

You may not share my beliefs, and in this point it doesn't really matter. What? Well, my point is if I want to be the person I believe I should be, let's say the non-populace guy, I should be reaching out to people. Making friendships that last, touching lives that are hurting, for God's sake…HANGING OUT with people…and a HIGH priority is to hang out with my WIFE! What in the world does a degree matter, if my marriage crumbles? How nice is a house that you have to sell because of divorce or separation. How nice is it to have zero friendships? I am sure this could be worded so much better…I know it could, and before you shirk all responsibility…there is a place for responsibility too, and that also should be a high priority…but how high? That IS the question isn't it?

I guess what I am saying, or randomly commenting on would probably be more accurate, is that I have made certain things more of a priority than I should…and some other things less of priority than they should be. My time has been devoted to some things that are menial at best and I have wasted away a lot of the time I should have spent on more important matters. I want to pour more time into the lives of my wife, family, friends, students, and those who will be my future friends. I believe that is who I really am, and who I am called to be.
What about you?

What are you thinking right now?


Yes, true…



Dreaming again said...

I'm thinking you're thinking kind of deep ...and that's a good direction to go.

Hi, it's Pk (Pearls) from YMX

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Just wanted to say welcome back to the blogging world!! (this is Nettie BTW)