Monday, March 12, 2007

Thirsty Waiters (pt.2)

First off, don't forget this is a continuation of last time.

You know…as we were talking about waiters, thirsty waiters for that matter, I began to re-read what I had already written. I began to really try to evaluate how "on target" I was. While I feel I was getting at something, I think we have to look a little deeper, because if we don't we may miss the point…or maybe just I would miss the point.

So here we go…

The world is full of "patrons", people who come and go as they please. Just like our friends they come and go, they sit, they stay, and do what patrons/friends do. I guess I am trying to view myself as that thirsty waiter. What I mean is, think about a waiter that comes up…you know like I mentioned…all out of whack and thirsty and…basically just a mess. How do you feel about that? You would probably have something to say to everyone around you about what a mess they were.

So what kind of waiter am I?

I am sitting here thinking…as a waiter, am I good at this? Do I give good service to the patrons around me? I have to be honest…I am no good at this. I am getting better, and I have come a long way, but I am so far from good.

An inexperienced waiter struggles and fumbles and makes mistakes lot of the time and that is understandable. I have been a "waiter" for a while now, and I find myself hiding from the patrons at times. I get so caught up in the "kitchen" that I don't do too well with the patrons, which should be my focus. Sometimes I find patrons I really like and just wait around till they come again, while other patrons should be getting my service. I bicker with other waiters. I am a bad waiter.

What does this have to do with thirst? Well that is the other issue, isn't it? Think about what I just mentioned in the above paragraph…did it involve anything that was healthy for me? See it is easy to get very removed from the patrons, but it is also very easy to get removed from…


If that happens what do you really have to offer the patrons? What do you have to offer anyone? Sometimes the best way to reach out to patrons is to make sure you are ok. There is a line where the break must be made…and that is where discernment comes in. We need both.

I can't tell you how often people I come in contact with want me to go here or go there to talk to someone about something that they need me to take care of their patrons. I don't mind, and I understand in some cases that it is better coming from another "waiter." However, if I am constantly doing this…doesn't it mean there is a problem? Certain situation call for more experienced waiters…and some things even the busboy can take care of.

So to wrap this up…are you a thirsty waiter? What are you offering the patrons that come to you? What can you offer them? What do they get when you are around? Are you frazzled? Complaining? Irritable? Is that what we are serving in the "Kitchen"? Why would anyone want to come back? Maybe it's time we get a drink!

Think about it.

I know I have a long way to go…cus I still find myself a thirsty waiter far too often.

So says the Simpleman.

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