Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rearview Mirror (Black Version)

Have you ever set a goal? You know, you wanted to achieve something so you set up a goal, and maybe even set up steps to get to that goal? Maybe it was to save some money, maybe buy a CD, car, TV, or Christmas presents. Maybe you are like me and you're trying to lose some weight. You may have even decided to read a book, write a book, write a blog, …whatever. I think we all have had SOMETHING we have made a goal for, and if not, you may want to talk to somebody about that.

When we set goals, how do we normally go about doing that? I was talking this past week and said, "It is best to start towards something having your destination in mind." I say that because it is easier to know what steps to make by having the goal, or destination in mind and knowing what you are shooting for.

So let me ask you a question.

Have you ever set a goal to the past?

Does that make sense?

For example, my goal (now) is to lose 15 pounds last year! It doesn't make sense does it?

Where are you going with this simpleman? My point is that sometimes we get so worked up about what we have already done (Or what someone has done to us) that sometimes it hinders us moving forward. Someone hurt me, which I do not mean to make light of, but am I willing to let that ruin my life or the lives of those close and dear to me? Am I willing to let that make me ineffective at life, love, friendships, and so on? I can name a number of people I think that struggle with this…

And I have too.

However when we come to the realization that our life is not in the actions of our past but in our seeking out whom we were designed to be. If you think of a traumatic event of your past, and we more than likely have all had them, how does that traumatic event affect your future goals? I am not asking how it shapes you as a person, or if has an affect on your future…because those types of events shape who we are and continually shape us…what I am asking is…does that event(s) cripple the "ideal" you that you have set as a goal for yourself? Think about it. How many people rush into a second or third marriage without moving on from the hurt and pain of the first? How does that translate to their next marriage? They carry the baggage from the first right in the front door of the second.

So what? What is your point?

My point is, if you are seeking to be the person you feel you were designed to be, let the past form and shape you but do not let it rule you. If your past rules you, you will be stuck in the past for your whole time here on this planet. We cannot function like that as an organization, family, friends, or even in our own personal life.


…what is it?

What hurts you?

What slows your progression to the real you?

It may help to get it out and talk to someone about it, write it out maybe, it may help. There may be no quick fix or quick answer…but sometimes sharing just gets it out of there. Strive to be the person you have set the goal for yourself to be…don't get stuck as the person on the past, let the past form you and make you stronger…but don't get stuck there.

May you, when you look in the rearview mirror, see that you are driving away from those events with the memory firmly in your mind, but not sitting there staring at it and letting it eat away at you. May you remember those events but not be crippled by them. May you strive to become all that you are supposed to, and may you help others do so along the way.

So says the simpleMan


The Thief said...

You may be a simple man, but those aren't simple words.

Good stuff...

Dora said...

Great work.