Friday, March 9, 2007

Thirsty Waiters (pt. 1)

Why are relationships important? Ever wonder why we long for relationships? I am not saying you sit at home and LONG for a relationship…I am saying if someone walked up to you and struck you the right way in conversation, you would be a slight bit (if not more) happier if someone did that to you. Unless there is an issue (which all who know me, KNOW I have issues.

And issues…

And yes...

More issues.

You would be way more receptive if you saw that person walking up to you to talk again.


Because we love the idea of having a friend, and if it is someone of the opposite sex and they appear to not be …how shall I say…of a stalker stock, and you are available…think of the feeling you get.


We seek relationships. Granted there are skeptical people out there, who it takes a LOT longer to break down the walls if someone comes and starts a conversation with them. Here also are quite a few that if you walked up to them and started a conversation, or even if you just asked, "How are you doing today?" Would think, "FREAK!" How bad is that really?

Have you ever messed around with your waiter/waitress (in the sense of just goofing off, don't go make out with your next waiter/waitress after this…unless your married to one, then by all means) I am surprised by how many "days" have been made just by asking them how they were doing and listening…granted sometimes they are busy and that isn't the best time to ask…but on slow nights, many times (not always) they are waiting to be listened to…why? Because they listen or ask people questions all day, imagine if you were in a place where you had to fill peoples water glasses, but the only way you got to take a drink was if someone else filled a glass for you (you could not fill one for yourself) think about filling people water glasses all day and never getting a drink yourself. You are around water all day…and yet you are dying of thirst…that is what so many people's lives are like.

Sometimes the waiter/waitress are "those" people, and sometimes I feel like the thirsty waiter. I would love to say, "When I feel like the waiter, I just keep pouring." You know, cus I am SOO righteous. However, really…you know when I am honest…when I am thirsty I first try to look at how good I am at filling others glasses, and I am not really very good at that at all. In fact, I dare say…if I was your water-filling waiter, I don't deserve a tip. I don't deserve a refill.

...To Be Continued...

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