Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Assignment

Today I was working on an assignment that took up a lot of my day. I was writing this assignment and I wrote all the information that I had and was still a page short on the requirement. I sat back, reread it, reworded some things to tidy it up and still, it was too short. I went over and over it, too short, no matter what I tried, nothing. I walked away for a while and when I came back I actually, randomly checked some of the settings. I found I had the font size set too small, my assignment was actually well more than long enough.

As I look at many of our spiritual strivings, I see some similarities. We try and try and try to find out why we aren’t making the connections as we should with God. We go back and check all the normal suspects. How often do we think outside the box? Check the things we never check? The things that we never thought to check into, maybe that is exactly where God wants to speak to us. I will keep this brief, but maybe God wants to talk to you in a way you haven’t even thought to listen before. It is always worthwhile to search for Him; maybe He will reveal His answer to you in a way you weren’t expecting.

If He does meet you there…are you ready to do what He leads you to do?

Don’t fear...

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