Friday, November 5, 2010

Who Is In Charge? (A painful look at authority as viewed by an American)

Before I begin this, let me say that I have no problem with anyone voicing their opinion with authority, and I have no problem with disagreeing with those in authority.

I am relieved that the elections are over for a while. It isn’t because all the people I wanted to get certain offices did, in fact some did not. I am relieved because I dislike what I see in my friends at these times. Whatever side of the fence you may dwell on, I dislike seeing the reaction that I see on both sides. I believe I saw one of many ads that wasn’t a mudslinging technique. Worse still I read about how many of the ads are made that way so that you will be so irritated that you won’t go and vote.

This is the American democratic dream?

“This is a Christian country!” I agree, however, it was set up as a democracy. Anytime you set a system up where whoever the people choose wins, you run the risk of losing your druthers in the draw. So what happens when that happens?

Enter David, the giant slayer, great king, adulterer, man after God’s own heart. Before he was the king, he was anointed to be king, and yet he wasn’t king. He had to wait many years in fact, before he was king. Worse news yet, the man who was king hated David and wanted to kill him. The sweet irony is that David had numerous opportunities to take Saul (the other king) out.

Here is the problem…He didn’t.

Saul stumbled, failed, set himself up to be removed while David thrived and even at times had people clamoring for him. David is the good guy, David was even CHOSEN BY GOD while Saul was SHUNNED BY GOD and yet David wouldn’t lift a finger against him. Why?

Because Saul was God’s anointed and that was enough for David. You may think, “Didn’t you say that Saul was shunned by God?” I did, but the fact still remains that God still allowed Saul to be king at that time. David knew this and knew it wasn’t his place to do God’s work in this matter. So he waited patiently, knowing his time would come, and sure enough it did.

So, how have we reacted to our President? Many conservatives were furious at the liberal front because they showed no respect for Bush. Now we have Obama in office and what has that same conservative front that complained is doing the exact same thing. It is schoolyard logic where when someone asks what is going on we get the answer, “Well, they started it!” So I respond the same way as the teacher would, I don’t care who started it; someone has to be the bigger person and stop it! We have fallen into hypocrisy.

Throughout the Scripture we see the people of the Bible under, at times, tyrannical authority. Numerous prophets, David, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abed-Nego, Jacob, even Jesus, and numerous others…and how did they respond? Honestly, I see nothing but honor shown to their leaders with little to no mind paid to a more self-fitting resolution.

Maybe it is time to re-evaluate how we are thinking. That means we may have to admit we are wrong. If we are, we need to be ok with that.

BTW, I am not a political person, I just know that the people (good or bad) in places of authority are there by God’s hand…so I trust in Him more than them, and vote how I feel He has led me. That doesn’t always mean I one way or the other either.

Peace to you.

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