Friday, November 19, 2010

Helping with High Heels pt 2 (The Art of Missing the Point)

Yesterday I began talking about how our society as a whole seems to miss the boat when it comes to the rest of the world. I talked a little about the heels I saw in the box that were donated for people who didn’t have shoes. I spoke of how impractical heels were to people who had nothing and had to walk to polluted water as well as a few other topics that heels seem to be a poor resolution to the problems they may face. I would like to continue with that flow of thought as I enter into the topic for today.

Does the church have a similar problem? Do we try to “help” people in impractical ways? As I read and study, recently, I have seen the actions of the biblical church look much different than the current actions of the church. I don’t want to rehash some of the things I have gone over in the past. However, let’s look at how the church helps? If you attend church, what are some of the programs or encouragements to your attendees that the church has? What have we done personally, I mean do we really need someone to point us in a direction? Don’t we see need on our own? How do we respond?

It isn’t my intention to bash the church, I love her, but I see why we see the American church waning.

When I was heavier, I had a person I know that I saw (ironically at church) every week. Without fail, there would be a comment about my weight and how I had gotten bigger. “Eating too much good food, eh?” or something along those lines, every week. Before our daughter was born, this same person would ask, “When are you two going to have a kid? Don’t you think it is about time?” I know that this person meant nothing personal by this; I know that they had no malicious intention. However, is that what I needed to hear? This person had no idea of the struggles I had, no idea we even had the ability to have a child. Does the church come across this way with how we handle people in need? Whether it is physical, spiritual, emotional, or whatever kind of need…how are we coming across?

Was I heavy? Yes. Could I have had a child? Yes. Was what was said wrong, per se? No, it was truth. How well would you say it was handled? We, as believers, have truth we are the ones who are here as a part of the plan to reveal this truth to the world. How are we doing it? Are we approaching it with impracticality?

Heels are shoes, people in Africa need shoes, so here are my heels. Do you see the issue with that?

I am not in any way suggesting we don’t “give” out the truth of Christ, I am suggesting we do it in a way that meets people in their needs. Pushing an agenda was never what Christ intended. He wants us to love people, draw them close in this love that they so desperately need, and in that the Truth will come forth naturally.

Rebuke without love is judgment.

Judgment drives those in darkness deeper into the darkness; love will draw them into the light. Speak the truth…in love. Meet people as Christ did when He went to those who were cast offs in His culture. I think the church has too often recently been “helping with heels” when there are more loving and practical ways to reach this hurting (more than ever) world.

I hope this makes sense, may come across as a bit of a ramble.

Peace to you all.

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