Friday, November 26, 2010

Sovereign Disarray

How would we respond if God allowed a lot of confusion to enter our life? Not necessarily doubts about Him, but a lot of disruptions, a lot of matters that fly along our peripheral and they seem so flashy that we lose focus. What if there were distractions that were unavoidable and took away from your time with Him? How would we respond? Would we strive even harder to locate those precious moments that He is seeking from us? Would we get in over our heads, get frustrated, and possibly let our fuse become shorter with others?

Maybe the distractions aren’t aware of our desire to focus on other matters.

I find that I am always easily distracted. It is easy for me to lose focus in a conversation sometimes. I can be talking, and before I end a thought, I am kind of hanging out there in oblivion wondering where I was headed with the last sentence that left my mouth. In life, I am sure many of us have experienced some time of distraction. The question is…

Do we give in and let it rule us, or do we press on to find a way to accomplish the things we have set out for?

I have this wrestling match within myself at least once a week, and when I say wrestling match…I mean I get frustrated with myself to the point of becoming somewhat irritable. My life is not abnormal (I don’t think) but it is amazing how many things happen when I try to sit and focus on something. For me, I like to have quiet time and study, write, read, and meditate. I am absolutely amazed at how many phone calls, texts, random visits, and other normal things happen when I am trying to do those things.

It is also amazing how many darn good shows come one tv when it’s time for me to get quiet.

I throw that out there lest I blame everyone and anyone else and come across as a woe is me, pouty, self focus whiner. I am to blame, and that is part of why I bring this up. What am I going to do about it? Am I going to allow the distractions to rule me? Or am I going to savagely protect my quiet time? Is it possible that as I pray and tell God that I am ready to grow and get to know Him more and ask Him for deeper revelation and for Him to prepare me for that…

that He allows a...

…a sovereign disarray?

Might this be the thing that He uses to try me, to see if I will turn away and let the time of distraction own me? Or will I press deeper into Him, pressing away all those things (mind you I am taking care of responsibilities) and making time to focus on Him? I don’t want to come across as a works thing, but more of a passion thing. Is my love growing for Him in a way that I am willing to give up, or work around, the distractions…whether self imposed or not?

I have been pondering this thought for a while…and I feel like it may be a thought I ponder for much longer…

Peace to you.

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