Friday, December 3, 2010

Conjured Capacities (CIC5)

**This will be my final installment of this short blogging series, just to sum it all up, back to normal randomness.**

Yesterday I was at the gym and while on the treadmill, which I love oh so much, the show “Man vs. Food” came on. The whole concept of the show is that the host finds these eating challenges around the country and tries to beat the record or the challenge. Yesterday, the challenge was to eat seventeen hot dogs at a place in North Carolina. He did it, he had a tough time with the buns because they were filling him up, but he did it.

I have witnessed a time or two that he just couldn’t pull it off, the capacity to hole the amount or mass of food was not enough and he had to leave food on the table and take a walk…or waddle…of shame. I know this is going in a weird direction. Hang with me.

We often rely on our human abilities to be able to contain all that God has for us, all that He wants to reveal, all that God is. By our human capacities, we limit, narrow, and thus come up with a faulty concept of God because we cap Him off at what we can “get” and the rest we somehow justify as being ok to go without.

We must be careful that we don’t try to cap off God according to our capacity. We can say we won’t ever understand Him, but do we try with tenacity to connect with Him? Do we seek Him with a hunger and brokenness? Do we long for Him? Or…do we try to understand Him according to what we have always known about Him and/or jam Him into our pre-conceived notions of Him? Do we day God would You reveal Yourself to me? Would You do that work? Is our attitude such that we say we can’t live our life You want for me so I lay it all down because I want You to reveal Yourself, to reveal the life You want from me and then live that life through me.

“God is not custom built for us, we are custom built for Him, He is the Potter and we are the clay. He does not change, nor is He able to be manufactured in any way to be exactly who we think He should be. He is who He is, the great “I Am.” It is our job to get to know all of who He is, and let Him transform us and use us to bring Him glory. It is a foolish task for the creation try to conform Creator into something that fits our fantasy, for our meager fantasies could not hold the splendor of all that He is.”

When He has our lives… that is when we really see a life that matters most come to a reality. God bless you all…never rely on the capacity that you can conjure up to understand the fullness of God. Let Him do that work to reveal to you more than you can handle so that he may broaden your horizons and stretch You into the person He wants you to be.

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