Thursday, December 16, 2010

Informational (In)Dependence

We are in the most informed stage of history. We know more about what is going on around the world than ever before. We are a curious type of creature that seemingly wants to know more and more, at least about the things we are interested in. We can search the news and find out all sorts of information, we can search a website, Google it, read a book, a magazine, or make a phone call. We can see evidence of a matter on video, which we can usually track down somewhere online. There are sources of information all around, and we, being creatures that thrive on information, love it. Information can even be…who wins the next reality show!

Many marketing companies are all about getting the information out about products. We get inundated with all sorts of marketing schemes and plans, and we, as Americans fall for it as consumers. The information get’s us far too often. We are told what is best and what we “need” by those who love to feed us the information that they want us to have. The news carries us to all sorts of matters varying from different governmental issues abroad, as well as here at home. We know more about our presidents actions then ever before, which is probably going to be the downfall of any president we have from here on out (don’t tell me our many former glorious leaders wouldn’t have been picked to pieces as well if they had lived in the information stage. Although I do believe when compared to some governmental leaders-in general- currently that they would have had a stronger character).

Have you recently found a topic you couldn’t find any information about? How did you react? Did you continue to pursue? Give up? How long did you pursue? Did you find an answer?

Information, in whatever avenue we choose, is our drug.

We are so curious about the next thing, or maybe so bored that the only thing we can think to do is shove more information into our mind, even if it is as simple as playing a video game. We want more, to know more, to figure it out, to understand, to have more information so that I can be entertained by it. I am sure we also enjoy our down time of being in a vegetative state, but more often than not, we are on the go and in some capacity gathering information.

But, what about the information for the things we don’t see? The information on the unseen, unheard, unpublicized, do we search for that?

We love this information, but we love information that is easy for us to access and those providing the information for us love to make it easy for us to get it. Does that mean the easier we get the information the better? I don’t think so. I actually think it may be good to work for some information sometimes, especially if it is information on the things we cannot see.

Information on faith comes from the Word and from His Spirit. The Word is complete, and yet as I am finding out, is so much more understandable in its completeness when the Spirit is guiding me through it. Do we concern ourselves with what God wants to do through us (a Spiritual information if you will), do we search for the unseen information of God? Do we seek the unseen (physically) with spiritual eyes that will reveal to us the information that is more important than the seen? Is it a concern? Or do we just go about gathering information on the things we know, see, and are comfortable with. Does the information we gather really matter at all?

Again, I am not bashing “down time” I am just making the point that it is very easy to lose focus and re-focus on the things of this world instead of the matters of God. I find this is a constant battle for me. It is ongoing, and something I am prone to, and something I am continually fighting against. However, it is a battle worth fighting, because when I finally make myself focus on what really matter I have found that God LOVES to blow my mind by revealing Himself in a way I had never, nor could ever imagined.

Today, fight the urge to stuff more useless information into your system…instead get quiet with God and see what truly important information He wants to reveal to you; depend on Him to be the source of your information. God bless.

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