Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Monster's Farewell

Does anyone remember the toy “My Pet Monster?” That was one toy that I never understood the fascination for. I never had one, and I never desired one, and no one accidently got me one and that was something I can say I lived my life to this point not regretting. There was a period of time where there were some movies, toys, and cartoons that depicted monsters as fun loving creatures. The reality is no matter how we paint the thought of a monster, the term monster was never created to be cute.

Sometimes there are monsters in life. As a child they may sleep under our beds, sometimes they live in our closets, sometimes we see their shadows, maybe they live in the dark, maybe they are a person who caused you pain. The funny thing is you can outgrow many monsters, but some, some of them follow you no matter how old you are or hard and far you run. Sometimes no matter how far you go, they always seem to be in the rearview mirror.

The only way to end the nightmare of the monster is to stop running.

Sometimes, when it doesn’t make sense, God (who is bigger than any monster) will lead you to trust in Him to be your strength. Sometimes He tells you that you need to face this monster to show you just how far He has brought you. Maybe it is time to stop running, because He has made you bigger than the monster. Maybe you have been so scared of something that is so much smaller than you that to everyone else it seems silly, but to you, when you remember the terror of this monster, it still makes you shake. We may not realize, the monster isn’t much of a monster anymore, because we have become something more.

We all have a past; we all have things we prefer to forget about. Some of us have something or someone that has terrified us, some of us have moved on and still some of us have come face to face with whatever our monster is/was and have come to realize that the monster that haunted us for so long is little more than a frightened person running from their own monsters.

How you deal with your monsters will have a lot to say about what direction you end up taking for your life. You may not forgive that person, maybe you do. You may let hate be your master, a hate for your monster. Does fear still paralyze you? Do you keep running?

Or have you faced your fear, hate, unforgiveness, and bitterness, looked it in the face and conquered it with the power God has given you. I am not trying to belittle whatever monster you have had to face, but maybe I am, not because it wasn’t a horrible tragedy you had to go through…but because maybe that monster isn’t as big as it used to be.

Maybe it is your time.

Maybe you will be surprised by how far God has brought you.

Maybe He wants to prove or show you the work that He has done.

Maybe this is the stepping stool of trust that He wants to show you so He can take you to the next level He has for you.

Maybe it is time that His bravery shines through you.


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Em said...

I let my monsters breathe life into me instead of allowing God to breathe life in to me. My monsters created my identity. Recently I was able to find a community of people that have supported me and helped me face those monsters and work through the mess they have caused me.

In all of that chaos, I've started to see my identity through Christ and I've allowed Him to breathe His truths in to me. There are times I'd rather go hide and run away then face it, but by exploring my identity in Christ, I've come to realize through Him and only Him I have the strength to take on my past and reconcile it.

On a side note: I've really enjoyed keeping up with your blog and hearing your perspective on life and God and everything in between.