Friday, December 10, 2010

Snow Blower Sanctification

Last winter, news of a snow storm came across various news sources. I prepared myself for the wintery blast and made sure I had all my snow precautions prepared. I figured that if I shoveled pretty regularly (every hour and a half to two hours) I could stay ahead of it. Now, it is important to note that I do have a snow blower, but I enjoy the snow and figured if I shoveled regularly it wouldn’t be that tough of a job. Prepare yourself, because I reveal my stupidity here. The snow came, and my first few rounds of shoveling went very well, I stayed ahead and it was easy. Why would I use a snow blower for this?

The snow kept coming…

…and coming…

…and coming.

I stayed ahead, until, it was time to go to sleep for the night. I woke up and, yep, there was a ton of snow that landed in the night. I talked myself out of digging out the snow blower because “it couldn’t be that bad” because I had been digging most of the day before. Well, I had gotten about a third of the way done and I was beginning to realize, there was more snow here than I realized. I dug until it was all cleared away, but I don’t mind telling you, I felt pretty dumb because it took forever.


…and digging…

…and digging.

A lot of times, I have found in the past that I get to a place where I don’t know what else to do to I just keep plodding along. I have the resources and abilities to make life easier, or maybe just not worry about a situation because I have the ability to make it all much easier on myself by waiting and taking care of all of it at once. However, I sit, fret, want to be done with it, and therefore get ahead of myself. A lot of times in life I keep digging, when I could just bust out the snow blower and knock it all out.

I had the power, but I denied using it.

I have the power but deny using it.

That seems so foolish, and yet, I find myself doing that more than I care to admit. Sometimes poor decisions lead us to a repetitive, lackluster, and mediocre lifestyle or at least response to a situation. I think this happens to all of us in something, but may it never be true of our faith. May we never just approach our faith by continually digging instead of letting the Spirit of God reveal His power through us in our life and the situations we face. Let God fire up His power for you, let His Spirit have freedom in your heart, and see what God has planned for you for His glory and for your betterment.

That is all for now, there is a snow storm coming this weekend and I think I had better get the snow blower out.

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