Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jean-eric Con-denim-ation

Please watch video first….

So, as funny as this video is, and as much as I would LOVE to say that I hadn't had this conversation with people from my church…I have. I have sat down with some people/persons and been told that dressing casual can be seen as a reflection of the heart and could be seen as someone taking a casual approach to their relationship with God.

How do I even rebuttal? Well, I am sure many of you have already thought of several of my rebuttals, so I won't go exhaustively into all of mine.

But I have to say this…because I am not going into all the other rebuttals…this argument…



My heart!

It makes me tired, and all the other arguments like it, these types of things make me so weary and honestly…it absolutely makes me unhappy.

In recent days I have been yelled at for having a sip of coffee in a large covered mug in the sanctuary (before church time) because it was, "holy ground". I have been told to "SHUUUUUSH" for trying to gently play my guitar during prayer time, although it is ok for the piano to do so. I have had the discussion about jeans in church as well and a few others. I have had digs tossed at me about how I go about doing what I do in ministry. I have had people try to impose their will into my ministry even though it isn't their ministry to impose their will.


Why do I do what I do…and the only thing I can think of is…is because even though these issues are so huge to those people that push them…in all reality, and to me…I have bigger and more important things to do then to play these games. I don't have coffee in the sanctuary any more, I don't play my guitar during prayer, I don't wear jeans to Sunday morning services, and while I take stands in protecting the ministry God has placed me in…I still let people be as involved as they wish…within reason.

So am I a complete pushover? Nope. In each of the cases listed (except the shush whom I am not sure who did it, since they did it from the midst of the congregation while I was on stage) I addressed the situation head on, I told them fully that I disagreed, and told them the only reason I was going to not do those things anymore was because I loved them, not because they were wrong.

I am tired of fighting, and to be honest, I need prayer because my leash of submission is getting shorter and shorter. I pray to have a gentle strength, and I may realize that as great as it is to have that…the cost of attaining it may be a lot higher than I imagined.

There may be more to this later….but for now…

So plods the simpleMan.


Dreaming again said...

At times, I'm incredibly grateful for my laid back church ...where if the pastor wore a suit, we'd have asked him whose funeral he was preaching at after church. (actually, he wore one one Sunday because HE felt like dressing up, and his daughter DID ask him who died!!! His daughter with Down's Syndrome told him "daddy, you look funny! take it off!" )

I'm terrible ... I have coffee (uncovered) in the sanctuary ...during church. (not always, just when I'm coughing a lot and I know it's either drink warm fluids or disturbe the service)

When I would work on music, I'd throw my shoes aside. One of our more 'sticky' people said something to me once ...without thinking I said "well of course I'm barefoot in here! this is holy ground!"

She looked shocked ...and hasn't said a word to anyone about their dress or actions in church since!

If someone wants to challenge me on the sanctuary ... I will sit down and talk with them about the sanctuary ... I really will, and ask them if they really really understand exactly what that term means ... it is, a sanctuary ... it is more than a holy place ... it is a sanctuary, a safe place, where we are in God's arms ...forgiven, free, and accepted ..where the cares, worries and wars of the world cannot reach us ...

leave the fights of what is right and wrong outside the door. They're right, it is, a sanctuary, and God accepts us ..just as we are.

'neice said...

How come I'm not on your blog links? :( :)

The Thief said...

it is, a sanctuary ... it is more than a holy place ... it is a sanctuary, a safe place, where we are in God's arms ...forgiven, free, and accepted ..where the cares, worries and wars of the world cannot reach us ...

This is an extremely well-said and well-thought expression, and it's beautifully true.