Sunday, September 23, 2007

simpleTravel (pt. 3)

Day 2
6:42pm simpleTime
4:42pm CS Time

So the beds here are pretty nice, easy to sleep in and not the status quo cardboard mattress for a hotel. Today I got up and went to breakfast, and had a “service” and it was…meh…ok.

Allen looked over and said, “Hey…let’s roll.” While we were getting ready to get out of here, he overheard that Pike’s Peak wasn’t too far away. In fact it was about 30 minutes away, so off we went. It took longer to get up ON Pike’s Peak…but WOW…WOW…WOWWW.

To say it was amazing is an understatement. It is 20 miles to get up Pike’s Peak, and you literally have your heads in the clouds, you get out to go look around and your head gets like and your chest begins to pound a little because the air is so thin…what an experience!

Of course no camera, no phone, and not much of a way to share the experience, but now I have some memories and these feeble words to use to describe the amazing landscape these simpleEyes have taken in.

After seeing that, I had to skip some more “stuff” and take a little nap, do some church work, and watch some football!

More later, hopefully, but the week is going fairly well so far…tomorrow could be the sticking point.

So marvels the simpleMan


MB said...

you are cracking me up!

I'm glad you got to go up Pike's Peak. Breathtaking!

Praying that you have a good week.


Dreaming again said...

when you leave Colorado to California and go see Yosemite National park ...sooo much better than the Rockies!!!