Saturday, September 22, 2007

simpleTravel (pt.1)

(While I normally use this for other types of subject matter…well read on, communication is a little… bah, just read!)

Day 1 (Cinncy)

Everyone has forgotten something as you prepare to travel on a trip, it has happened to just about everyone at some point in life. While this is true, simpleMan many times is knows for being a proficient packer, well organized, thinking of things that many would forget. I plan, even with my proficiency, for there to be some mistakes and some forgetfulness, and basically go by something similar to a handicap in golf, this trip (since I wasn’t particularly excited about going) a hefty 5 “swing” handicap meaning I would forget up to 5 things. Since simpleMan is known for his aptitude in packing and traveling…a rather lofty handicap that shouldn’t be a problem.

I am nearing failure on day ONE!

I get out of the car, as I was dropped off by simpleWoman (my lovely wife) and a friend. I walk off to the side to get organized and get my bearings (A wise decision…or so I thought) only to remember, “Where is my phone?” I had plugged it in for a charge when we left the house…and therefore, I am out my celly.

I really like my cell, has GPS and you can locate local restaurants, movie theaters and things of that sort. I was hoping to rely heavily on it especially as I was hoping to either sneak out for a meeting or go out after we had finished. If I got lost, GPS, so I can find my way back. AWESOME!!!

Or not…

Cus it is in my lovely Vue at the Yankee Peddler…BAH! Lol.

Oh, but that is just the beginning…


My travel agents print out said my flight leaves from CAK @ 11:20. I get to the AP (Airport cus I am lazy) at about 10:00 to 10:15 so I think, “Gee whiz, I should eat something. So I get myself a subway sub and a coffee…I have three bites left and I hear, “This is the last call for flight XYZ departing to Cincinnati, the last call for flight XYZ to Cincinnati.” I am sitting there swallowing a poorly chewed piece of sub and thinking, “Nooo waaayy!”

I immediately open my info for the flight and while the print out from the agent said 11:20; the one the lovely simpleWoman printed out for me this morning said 10:45. Of course, I didn’t look at it because I KNEW what I was doing….right.


I still haven’t gone throw “Operation: Probe the Passenger” yet. While it is a small AP, my gate was the furthest away.

I somehow made it, but I missed the ramp and had to manually walk out and onto the jet.


I arrive in Cincy and get a coffee to wait out my over an hour layover. I begin to think, man the schedule for this thing is brutal, I wonder when/if I will get to walk for exercise?



I am sure I forgot something to say in this initial report…but yeah, I am already down to a -2.5 on my handicap (.5 because I am not REALLY sure I would get to exercise in the first place.) Nice start and I am not even there yet.

Till a few hours from now! WAHOOO!!!

Please take it easy on the texts and cell calls…for obvious simpleMinded reasons.

So travels the simpleMan.

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The Thief said...

Once we got to our vacation destination campsite only to find that we'd not packed tent poles. So we went to Walmart and bought their cheapest tent. Which sucked. After trying to sleep in it, we packed it up and brought it back to Walmart. At 2:30 am. We bought another, bigger tent and went back and set it up.