Monday, September 24, 2007

simpleTravel pt. 5

Day 3
12:03pm simpleTime
10:03am CS Time

One thing I have forgotten to mention, I have decided to mention now…since this will be my only time stolen today (Very hectic today) and will not be on till later tonight. In this hotel, which is very nice, my room is almost the furthest room away from the lobby/Conference center. There are only like 4 rooms further away, honestly. This place is THE most confusing hotel I have ever been in, (And for those of you who went to Detroit with me…that is saying a lot) I feel like every time I go to my room or head to the conference center I enter Pan’s Labyrinth. I have yet to run into the faun, but there is a little Hispanic man that had he not had a hat on, I believe he could have been faun indeed.

I have figured out something like 5 different ways to get back and forth, non-the-less, I feel that I have found the quickest way…and with only half a day left lol.

While there, of course, are some draw backs, I am nearly finished with another class, I do NOT have to put the toilet seat down for the first time in several years, and I do NOT have to make my bed! HA!

Not much longer before I have to go, and I want to wrap up this class work today too, so, this will be a short entry for simpleTravel.

Till this evening…simpleMan must brave the Labyrinth, fauns or not…some things must be done.

So ventures the simpleMan.

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