Sunday, September 23, 2007

simpleTravel (pt.4)

Day 2
9:10pm simpleTime
7:10pm CS Time

So I decided with some of the extra time I took to work on some church work, guess I should give some background.

I ended up writing three papers for my schoolwork, I put he three papers on a jump drive (there are like 12 different names for the USB storage drive, but that what I call a jump drive.) So I was going to bring it home so the simpleWife could check/edit them for me.

Once again, simpleMan forgets…OYE!

Well that is all well and good, until I get here and go to work on the church stuff, which I thought I had saved on the good ol’ laptop….NOPE!

It is ALSO on the jump drive.


Well anyway I began working on the schoolwork I brought to be somewhat productive, because I am once again skipping something…but let me tell you why…

Tonight after dinner is the entertainment styling of the Colorado Wranglers…a country western band and cowboy humor…

If you know the simpleMan…you know simpleMan does not do country, especially the type of styling that are similar to the Colorado Wranglers.

Yee-haw ya’ll!

My first break after the Pike’s Peak I napped a bit, woke up to see the Browns within striking distance…field goal GOOD…THE BROWNS ARE 2-1!!!

Ohh..wait…it’s the Browns.

Yeah, time out called before the kick. Rekick…aaannndddd BLOCKED!


So suffers the simpleMan.

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