Tuesday, September 25, 2007

simpleTravel (pt.7)

Day 4

7:22pm simpleTime
7:22pm HOTLANTA time…lol!!

Yes, yes, yes, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I am STUCKin Atlanta for 3 hours because my connecting flight was so late….WOOOOO!!!

At least I have a little time to sit back and do some people watching, a hobby I love but have lost time for.

I did manage to get a class BASICALLY done before I left on the last flight, so I am a little more optimistic about life in general.

Another YP didn’t make the flight like me and BLEW UP at the guy working the desk…not THAT guys fault, and was giving him all sorts of attitude. I walk up, already figuring that we missed our flight, and after that dude left on a bit of a temper tantrum, I walk up and hand him my ticket and say, “Same situation as him.” The Delta guy says, “Same situation, different attitude.” And smirked, after that I asked if there was a phone available that wasn’t a payphone so I could call the simpleWife so she wouldn’t be at the AP for like 4 hours. I told him I forgot my phone at home or I would have used that, he said, “Well, I didn’t forget my phone at home.” I was a little like…what? But then I noticed he was pulling out HIS phone for me to use.


Left a message with the simpleWife, all is well.


The guy I was with isn’t a bad guy, and sure we took and different flight to help them out…but it would have helped us out too had it worked. So anyway, just interesting what we as believers look like with our attitudes…

I am guilty more often than I like…

And I get up and tell people we have to be different…

Just made me think…

Anyway, he was so distressed he didn’t even want to go get a coffee or anything…too bad, it would have been free.

Back to people watching….wahooo…

So watches the simpleMan.


Meh…no fight…lots of cussing and shoving. Thought for sure there was going to be a rumble though…good stuff.

Again…so watches the simpleMan.

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