Saturday, September 22, 2007

simpleTravel (pt.2)

Day 1
3:00pm simpleTime
5:00pm Colorado Time

…and yes I know the proper terms for the time zones.

Well we were boarding the flight from Cincy to CS (Colorado Springs) and a guy from Baltimore sat next to me and it turned out he was also going to the CMA conference in CS. We began talking and he said he was going to rent a car so I could ride with him….

…Things are beginning to look a little brighter.

I was talking to him about the conference and how I wanted to find a time to get away and just hang out and … I dunno…watch a movie or something. He said, well since I rented a car I am sure we can find a time to do that…


We talked back and forth about several things and it made the 2.5 hr flight go a little smoother. We land and lo and behold…the dude rented a new Dodge Charger…


We got to the hotel and I go to check in…

I have NO roommate!

Fantastic news!

So I take my time and get organized, actually iron my khaki pants…nothing better…oh oh oh…and get on here…yep, charge to get online. I don’t know if I will ever get that…anywhoo…if you see this before Tuesday, it means I caved to THE MAN and paid the lousy $10 to sign on for a day.

And since I forgot my simplePhone…it’s probably going to happen.

More later…

So settles the simpleMan.

Day 1
10:37pm simpleTime
8:37pm CS time

So, tonight I went to dinner and sat with Allen (Dude from plan and has the Charger) and out of no where this guy comes up and sits by us and LO AND BEHOLD this was a dude in my group from DCLA…odd.

As I was finishing up my fajitas, I look up and what do my wondering eyes see?


So I go up and introduce myself to him and talk to him for a few, he isn’t as tall as my but thickness…he is about two of me lol.

After dinner and chatting with peeps for some time we had our first meeting…OYE…def going to have to sneak out.

More tomorrow, I am tired and jet lagged and missing some of the importatn details of today, but tomorrow will be chocked full of boring meetings so I will have plenty of time to catch up.

Till then…

So sleeps the simpleMan.


julie said...

Hey sM (I still want to call you the FBF), sounds like the trip is moving into gear. Without criticising you, recognizing that you're severely disabled without the whole phone thing, I just have to point out that you seriously made me laugh here:

he isn’t as tall as my but thickness…he is about two of me lol.

Hi isn't as tall as my butt thickness - was how I read that. I'm turning my head sideways trying to imagine it. ROFL.

Anyway, have a great day tomorrow at your conference! julie

Adam said...

LOL isn't as tall as ME....BUT thickness lol

that IS funny

Somebody said...


Glad to hear that some things went pretty well. Hope the rest of the trip will be good as well.