Tuesday, September 25, 2007

simpleTravel pt.6

Day 4 (Last Day)…will have one for day 5 as I will probably be dead tired tonight and getting in late…so final installation tomorrow.

12:00pm simpleTime
10:00am CS Time

So here it is, the last day. Last night was decent and this morning has gone well. I ran into a guy named Bryan earlier in the week at breakfast and happened to run into him again at dinner last night. We ended up talking and while I had planned to go to my room and pack and do the miscellaneous we went to watch the football game, hang out, and get a milk shake @ Denny’s.

We stayed there and talked for quite some time and it was pretty refreshing. So I went up to my room and it was pretty late and I still needed to pack.

Well, as we know simpleMan, is always working towards simplicity. This includes packing (to the point of forgetting a few things but in the long run simpleMan has found it the best way overall), so simpleMan brought a small suitcase and the laptop bag.

Then simpleMan buys a few things for simpleWife and simpleMother-in-Law…

simpleMan SMASH lol

It miraculously fit after my sper-human SQUISHING abilities; I decided to leave some of the useless freebies I had gotten behind.

Funny side note: right now I am sitting across the foyer from the evangelism Linebacker and he is doing some sort of interview because he is planning on co-pastoring a church plant. Cool stuff…

Back to simpleTravel…

So I got up early today and was SOOOO tired, but breakfast was at 6:30am (WHY!?!?!?) but since I had eaten sooo much recently, I was fine with skipping which I ended up doing because I was waiting for Allen so I could put my stuff in the car. He ended up taking his stuff out early cus he couldn’t sleep…so I was waiting for him…and he wasn’t in much of a hurry.

Meh…no biggie…

I am a warm-blooded person by nature, but I have got to tell you I went up to the conference for the morning session…let’s just say I type now with ice-cubes and not my normal ten digits…COLD!

So I am heading back up I a few, (bout 45 mins) to wrap up and then to the AP (Airport). I will try to at least report in when I get to Cincy…but otherwise tomorrow. Hope everyone….yes, all two of you, has enjoyed simpleTravel…tomorrow…the conclusion!

So freezes the simpleMan.

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